CUSC in Brief

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This week’s CUSC meeting began in its usual manner but quickly became tense. $1,500 was allocated to the Clark Investments and Trading Society for a two-day boot camp. $604.55 was allocated to Clark Concert Band for a cymbal and cymbal stand. $90 was allocated to a Management 100 group for an indoor soccer tournament which will benefit Abby’s House, a local women’s shelter. $697 was allocated to Olivia Rogine on behalf of PhotoVoice, which has a mission of “building skills within communities using innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling methods so that communities and individuals have the opportunity to represent themselves and create tools for advocacy and communications to achieve positive social dialogue and change.” $110 was allocated to Ivy Mbayah to attend the Harvard Development Conference. The Council talked about the $40/day stipulation on travel costs, which is not sufficient for many students’ needs, especially if they need to fly somewhere.  One committee reported their concern that they only received 69 or so budget requests, even though there are approximately 114 clubs on campus.

The Judiciary Committee had several issues to bring up with Council. They first presented a review of judiciary internal procedures, in relation to the Senior Week appointees. The entire issue was rooted in an honest mistake made by Tim St. John, who wanted to get started on planning Senior Week when he first started at Clark. In order to do so, he chose four students to be on the planning committee with him and presented them to council about one month ago (at which time the students were approved by Council to be on the committee). However, St. John did not go through the established constitutional procedure for their appointment. “They weren’t really working for a month, because they weren’t elected the correct way,” maintained one member of Council about the individuals appointed by St. John. However, these students have, in fact, been working on Senior Week for a month, and did not intend to get themselves appointed incorrectly. Council talked about waiving the applications and interview process and making constitutional appointments.

The Council called for an executive session to discuss the next judiciary issue, which required all members of the public to vacate the premises. When the public was allowed back in, Mimi Erlick was acquitted of all charges presented. However, the judiciary then presented a recall of the induction of Mimi Erlick from the position of Secretary-Elect. President Rian Watt advised the Judiciary Committee to consider this carefully. The only thing Council can do is make a formal appeal for the Judiciary Committee to reconsider their decision. Multiple members said they would appeal judiciary’s recall, but were told it would have to wait until next week. Dale Watt asked, “Is there a way to speed this up?“ Nick Gerber responded, “You can’t make us.” Council took a five-minute recess to examine the “new evidence” that they witnessed tonight. Based on evidence unearthed in the executive section, specifically confidential testimony, the Judiciary Committee decided to retract the recall and take it off the table.

St. John thanked everyone for their work and said they learned a lot and became stronger through these discussions.

Aaron Segura resigned and was acknowledged for his work. Anthony Senesi was appointed in his place as chair of Grants Committee.