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It is nothing new that the Clark community does not pay much attention to university sports. That is not a bad thing per se; in fact, it is one of the reasons I came here. I do not expect Clark to have the same type of energy and affection towards a sport that Notre Dame has with football, Syracuse has with basketball, Johns Hopkins has with lacrosse, or Boston University has with hockey.

But I do think the Clark community could improve in supporting our Cougars. We support many clubs by going to their documentary screenings, debates, speakers, and more. That’s not to say that sports matter more than other events, but Clarkies clearly know how to support one another.

Clark athletes work just as hard as any other Clarkie involved in another club. The unfortunate difference is that other students actually attend the events of other clubs, while very few attend the sporting events.

So why can’t we have students attend our athletic events? Why can’t we have a section of Clark students cheer and support their teams at home games? It should be the norm to stand up and cheer for our school athletes. Let’s support our teams like we do the other clubs on campus.

You know why sporting events are treated like a joke on campus? Because no one goes. This creates a vicious cycle of indifference. If we show up at games and support our teams, more and more people will start coming. Clark sporting events can become a social scene if we start caring and taking pride in our athletes.

So while the Clark community may never be comparable to state schools, we should at least take pride in our sport teams. We should be proud of them like we are of so many other clubs on campus. And who knows, if we start supporting the teams, maybe they will start winning more games, and the cycle of athletic indifference could come to an end.

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