New LEAP Center opening on campus

Proposed LEAP Center
Proposed LEAP Center

Tuesday, April 1 saw a bold new step towards the pedagogical future of Clark University. “It’s really a new era for Clark, as both an educational institution and as a member of the Worcester community,” said President David Angel on the Tuesday morning ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new LEAP Student and Alumni Center.

The LEAP program, short for Liberal Education in Aerial Performance, draws from different departments and disciplines to provide a unique experience for undergraduate students. By combining a traditional classroom environment with the dynamic situational leadership opportunities that jumping offers, the new initiative seeks to formalize the unconventional elements that attract students to Clark.

“You can only learn so much at a desk,” says LEAP Pioneer Scooter Kutermurch (‘16). “But when I’m 10 inches in the air and yelling ‘Wheeee’ at the top of my lungs, I can really see the full practical potential of my education.”

Many students are skeptical of the benefits of LEAP. Most complaints stem from the vague way the program was presented to students. “At first, I didn’t know what it was about jumping that made it so special,” said student Wingina Fumblequnt (‘14). “Then someone explained it to me. I still don’t really get it.”

Other grievances focused on how students have been advocating for the educational and social benefits of aerial education for some time. However, the administration is confident that members of the Clark community will soon come together around the new LEAP building as a resource for all of their jumping needs.

The new building is also an opportunity for the University to experiment with alternative energy energy sources. The new LEAP Center, as well as all LEAP programming, is powered entirely by hot air.