Secret fraternity busted

University Police surrounded a home on Gates Street last Friday night after receiving an anonymous tip-off that the home’s basement would be the site of a party held by Kappa Kappa Kappa, an unsanctioned fraternity. Eyewitnesses reported at least 40 people streaming out of the party.
At this time, very little is known about the fraternity. None of its members have spoken with The Scarlet for fear of incrimination. One Clark administrator stated that administration “knew about the fraternity for several months,” but had been unable to catch them doing anything explicitly against Clark policy.
Even though several house parties had been broken up in the past, they could not be connected to the fraternity. University Police would not comment on any hazing rituals or any other illegal activity that may have occurred at the party. They refused to release any of the suspects’ names, but have made it clear that they “will face not only disciplinary action from Clark, [but] legal action [as well].”
The Scarlet will release updates as this story develops.