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Scarlet Letter [04/02/2014]

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There is something in all of our lives that goes under-appreciated. No matter how many times we say that we love it, we still do not acknowledge the true appreciation it deserves. So I am going to use this space to thank one of the biggest delights in my life: Nutella.
It is the perfect dorm room snack; there is nothing better than some late night Nutella. Yes, Easy-Mac is great, I will not deny this. Of course Uncle Sam’s Pizza is a favorite, as is the New China Lantern. Apples are great too, I know. But nothing, nothing, can compare with the perfection of Nutella.
You can put it on anything you wish, or just eat it alone – the options are endless. No matter what combination of taste buds you have, you must agree on the perfection of Nutella.
The label on the jar reads “Hazelnut Spread with Skim Milk & Cocoa,” but they left out the best ingredient: heaven. Each bite of Nutella is angelic, and the thrill is unlike any other.
I could write one million Scarlet Letters about this incredible delight, and I still would not give Nutella its proper appreciation. All hail Nutella, the mightiest snack of them all.

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Scarlet Letter [04/02/2014]