CUSC in brief: 04/17/2014

This week’s CUSC meeting was dominated by budget appeals and grants. This year, $291,974 was allocated to 90 clubs. The majority of club budgets were approved at the beginning of the meeting.  Worcester Collegiate Christian Network, Hip Hop Collabo, and the Equestrian Team appealed the budgets Council initially awarded them. The Worcester Collegiate Christian Network was originally given no money because they submitted their request late, and appealed for $1,000. The Equestrian Team originally requested $15,000 and was awarded $7,000; they appealed for an additional $2,000. Hip Hop Collabo had originally requested $2,500, was awarded $1,800, and appealed for an additional $300. After much deliberation, as well as a reminder by Tim St. John that Council members should vote not by their personal opinions but rather in the best interest of their constituents, the Worcester Collegiate Christian Network was given $600, the Equestrian Team was given $700 and Hip Hop Collabo was given $300.

Council then moved on to grants. $40 was allocated to the Freethought Society for a pizza party. $49.98 was allocated to CU Quidditch to purchase two new storage bags for their brooms. The Global Scholars Program was allocated $730 for the “Celebrating You” dinner which will celebrate the diverse cultures of Worcester. $700 was allocated to Counterpoints for their end-of-year charity dinner, which will benefit the Lutheran Social Services. Council enthusiastically allocated $3,040 to the Student Activities Board for a trip bringing 100 students to Six Flags New England. $510 was allocated to Seble Alemu, Melat Seyoum, and Beliansh Assefa to attend a workshop that will teach them how to conduct difficult dialogues around conflict. An additional $75 was allocated to Melat Seyoum for her final project for the Sacred Spaces course, in which she will lead a dialogue with local high school students who are refugees or recent immigrants.

Finally, Elections Committee shared news of new committee appointees. Alexis Church and Assaf Shahar were appointed to the Environment Committee, Karishma Veljee was appointed to the Social Responsibility Committee, Gabby Paolini was appointed to the Student Affairs Committee, Eliana Hadjiandreo was appointed to Academic Affairs Committee, and Sarah Parker was appointed to the Alumni Committee.