CUSC in Brief: 04/24/2014

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The final meeting of the Clark Undergraduate Student Council was lengthy and featured a few intense moments.

The Worcester Roots Project came to Council asking for money from the cumulative surplus fund to support a program for inner-city youth to visit Clark. Council took a five minute recess to discuss the issue. The E-Board voted during the recess not to approve the use of the cumulative surplus with the reason that they wanted to set a good precedent for future groups. Seble Alemu and Melat Seyoum, both representing the Worcester Roots Project, expressed their disappointment.

Radhika Sharma resigned as chair of the Finance Committee and Dale Watt was appointed to replace her. Kaitlin McKenzie resigned as chair of the Communications Committee and McKenna Hunter was appointed to replace her. Melat Seyoum was appointed to Grants Committee.

Secretary Mimi Erlick announced that the Council office will be getting a new printer, whiteboard, pens, and binders, and possibly also new tables and couches within the next year.

Council then did a goals update; many goals were unchanged or only slightly shifted. Lauren Meininger’s goal changed: she is now trying to get fewer copies of USA Today and more of The New York Times provided outside the cafeteria. Spectator Jonathan Edelman stated that he would appreciate if the Sunday New York Times was provided.

The meeting concluded with Council members thanking departing members for their service and with encouraging words from the faculty advisors.