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Scarlet Letter: 04/24/2014

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When I wrote my first Scarlet Letter, I was a nervous sophomore preparing to take the reigns of The Scarlet. As I sit here writing my final Scarlet Letter, I realize just how far we have come.

Two years ago Jeremy and I were both finishing our first year on The Scarlet. We had never done anything more than write articles; suddenly we were given the responsibility of creating and managing this weekly newspaper. Moreover, everyone on The Scarlet staff had either graduated, transferred, or was otherwise unable to stay on. I spent the whole summer overwhelmed, wondering how I would be able to maintain this institution that had been handed down to us.

It was a shaky start, but everything worked out (as evidenced by The Scarlet you are reading today). It worked out because a number of incredible people brought us their talents, and together we made a newspaper. For months I worried that they would come to their senses and stop devoting 10+ hours every week to researching, writing, editing, photographing, advertising, and laying out the paper. But as time passed, I realized these people are just as dedicated to our club as I am. They are here for the same reason — they love The Scarlet.

Each week we catch each other up on the minutiae of our lives. We debate each other, we support each other, and we laugh at each other. So I want to take this space to thank the people that have been there since the beginning. Without them, The Scarlet would not exist today.

Scramer: Your enthusiasm is refreshing and so contagious, and it reflects in the honest and engaging articles you write. The Scarlet has grown immensely under your leadership with the momentum you’ve created. You inspire me to be more positive and energetic.

Anna: Since Day One you have been there for us. Writer, photographer, researcher, advertising manager, and expert copy-editor—you are always catching the falling pieces. You are truly irreplaceable and will be sorely missed next year. In addition to catching errors at 4 a.m., you always know the latest buzz on campus and help keep everyone in line. You are dependable, funny, and really cool.

Rose: As Anna has previously told our readers, you are instrumental in creating The Scarlet each week. Your sensitivity to others is inspiring, as is your desire to make others feel accepted and welcome. As you work tirelessly on the layout each week, you never cease to crack me up with your well-placed commentary. You are brilliant, thoughtful, and really stylish.

Maria: As one of our first writers and as the supreme Plogmaster, you have consistently delivered one of the most-read parts of the newspaper for two years. Your wit and charm are evident to all readers of the police logs as you attempt to make sense of all of this nonsense.

Keitaro: Your dry wit and immense knowledge of our political and legal systems are indispensable. Your high standards and willingness to stand up for what you think is right are instrumental in producing the high quality work The Scarlet strives for each week.

Pooja: From week one you have been writing, researching, and managing our website. Under your guidance we have increased our web presence exponentially, and I look forward to seeing what you will do for The Scarlet in the years to come.

Memmer: Never has a Wednesday night gone by where you have failed to make the entire Scarlet laugh, and never has a Wednesday night gone by where you have failed to make the entire Scarlet gasp. Your expertise in matters of music and performance art has brought a special flavor to the paper.

Jeremy: You stepped up and became the Burt to my Ernie. We balanced each other out. We were alternately hot-headed and cool-headed when it mattered most. You could catch the small details my ‘big picture’ brain would otherwise miss. You sat next to me in all of those weird and often confusing meetings. It was always when I first saw you in August that I knew I was back at Clark, and it is always when I say goodbye to you in May that I know the year is over. Your friendship means so much to me because you were there before anyone else, back when it was just Jeremy and Claire.

To Jenna, Scott, Senegal, Savannah, Giles, Hannah, Tyler, Celine, Jonah, and Jonathan: I mean it when I say you are all the best at what you do. The Scarlet is better than I have ever seen it, and it is precisely because of your hard work and dedication. Every one of you that I see each week is truly one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and hard-working people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Each and every one of you bring a huge smile to my face. I really love you guys, and I will miss you all.

If you guys find yourselves in the same place I was two years ago, scared for the future, just have faith in The Scarlet. It will persist precisely because brilliant people like yourselves will step up, and they will fall in love with The Scarlet just like you did.


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Scarlet Letter: 04/24/2014