CUSC in brief – Week of 9/18

This week, Clark Undergraduate Student Council (CUSC) breezed through its agenda, with grants allocations and other agenda items completed in quick succession. Clark University Players Society (CUPS) was approved $650 for its upcoming student-written show, “Disciple.” $250 was allocated to Science-Fiction People of Clark (SPOC) to attend the King Richard’s Faire, once again. Clark Quidditch was given $134 to go toward equipment, in the form of headbands and quaffles. Lastly, Chamber Ensembles, which, like CUPS, did not request a budget for this year, was allotted $376.50 to purchase sheet music.

The Student Life Committee spoke of the work being done on various mall shuttle bus problems: The timing has been inconvenient and one busload of students was subjected to conservative talk radio content. Furthermore, a need for better marketing regarding said shuttles, as well as the Boston Bus, was recognized.

The Election Committee is looking to appoint students to the various external committees that currently exist. A reminder about the upcoming elections was given.

A point of concern for the evening lay with the fact that, of the 138 clubs registered with The Judicial Committee, only 57 club charters had been submitted for renewal.

Finally, in attempt at levity, there was an entire conversation revolving around the confusion caused by having two Laurens on council. It was proposed that, in the minutes, each Lauren would be represented by her first name and last initial, i.e. Lauren M. and Lauren H. The motion was approved.