Cougar of the Week: 9/18

Kelly Hart | Photo:

Kelly Hart | Photo:

Kelly Hart | Photo:
Kelly Hart | Photo:

Clark Field Hockey forward Kelly Hart (‘15) had an emphatic start to the season with two goals and one assist in the team’s first game, as the team beat New England College 6-0. Hart was named the NEWMAC Offensive Player of the Week on September 3.

Scarlet: What was your reaction upon hearing that you won the NEWMAC award?

Hart: I was just on my phone on the athletic website, and then I got a notification, and was like, “Hmm,” laughs. Then I sent it to my parents.


Scarlet: You are scoring goals at a faster rate than normal. What are you doing differently this year?

Hart: I think I’m mostly playing the same way as last year. Part of it is that being a captain, I feel as though I have a larger role on the team. Also, I recently got a new stick which is much lighter than the one I had before. I didn’t think sticks made a huge difference, but it actually has. Our passing has really improved too.


Scarlet: Players that I interviewed last year said the passing had improved from the season prior, so I can only imagine how good it is now.

Hart: Yeah, I mean we can always improve our passing, but it is pretty good so far.


Scarlet: I heard the team camaraderie was also a strong point last year. Is that still true?

Hart: Yeah we’re really close as a team. We recently watched The Parent Trap because a girl on our team hadn’t seen it. I don’t think she liked it as much as we do.


Scarlet: Is your role in the camaraderie different now that you’re a captain?

Hart: It’s mostly the same. The main difference is that I’m now involved in organizational aspects like scheduling practices and team bonding events. So far we’ve only watched The Parent Trap, though.


Scarlet: What other movies are you considering?

Hart: Well, we quote Mean Girls a lot, so maybe that.


Scarlet: I’m detecting a Lindsay Lohan theme.

Hart: I actually forgot that she’s in both movies. I guess she’s just in all the best movies.


Scarlet: What home games would you like to see fans attend?

Hart: On Tuesday, we play Anna Maria, and then Regis College who I know we had a very close game with last year. When fans come to home games, it’s a great atmosphere. One of my teammate’s grandma brings cookies to every home game. She’s our number one fan.


Scarlet: But not just because she brings cookies though, right?

Hart: Well, she also shows up to every single game, so it’s not just because of the cookies.


Scarlet: Are the fans allowed to have the cookies too?

Hart: I’m not sure, but if you can negotiate that with her, maybe she will make enough cookies for the fans.


Clark Field Hockey will play Anna Maria and Regis College at home on the 23rd and 27th respectively. There may or may not be free cookies.