Cougar of the week: 9/25

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Cougar of the week: 9/25

Marina Rosso | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Marina Rosso | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Marina Rosso | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Marina Rosso | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

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Marina Rosso | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Marina Ramos | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Marina Ramos (’18) has only played two volleyball games against teams in the NEWMAC conference. So far she is leading the conference by a wide margin in kills, and is tied for first among digs in conference play. She hails from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico where she attended Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas.


Scarlet: How are you getting so many kills?

Ramos: I don’t know. My attacking is obviously improving, and also at first, I wasn’t used to the setters because I’m a freshman. I’m new. But now we’re communicating more, and we’re getting to a point where we have a lot of confidence in each other, and I can tell them what I want. They can tell me what I can do to make [my play] better, and it’s helping me a lot.


Scarlet: What was the adjustment like from high school to college volleyball?

Ramos: Back home it’s actually a little bit different. But the girls are very helpful, and they’re very nice, and they literally tell you if you need anything, they’ll be there for me. [Head Volleyball Coach Mickey Cahoon] is also very helpful, and he also communicates with us a lot. He tells us what he needs, and [we] just try to go from there. It’s a very good environment, which also helps with me adjusting.


Scarlet: How is it different from back home?

Ramos: Obviously the language, I have to adjust to some words, and some meanings that are not the same, also the style of play is a little bit different. I’m sort of already used to it, which is good. And sometimes, I… try to bring my Puerto Rican style of play to them, which is a little bit different. A little more, like, passionate in that sense, but it’s all really working together.


Scarlet: How is the style of play different in Puerto Rico?

Ramos: I’d say it’s a little bit faster, but over here it’s a very defensive game, which I really, really love. Back home it’s really about hard hitting, and being really fast, and stuff like that. And sometimes that would frustrate me, because that’s not the only important part of the game. Defending is also very important.


Scarlet: How much do you focus on statistics?

Ramos: I don’t really think about them. I don’t really focus on that, I focus on how I can make the team better. And if I get good statistics, that’s icing on the cake, but it’s not really important to me.


Scarlet: What made you decide to apply to Clark?

Ramos: I applied basically at the last minute. My parents actually told me about [Clark], because I’m planning to major in history, and [Clark has] a very good history department. And when I applied… I sent an e-mail to coach, he was very nice to me, and he described me in a way that none of the other coaches I talked to described me. And I liked the way he was reaching out to me, and telling me what I could do to help the program. And then when I came for my overnight, the girls, everything, the environment, [it all] just made me feel at home. That was it, that’s when I made my decision. I knew that this was the place for me.


Scarlet: How is the team dynamic compared to previous teams you’ve played for?

Ramos: I’ve been on some teams where it’s been really rough for me. Like, I once thought about leaving or [quitting] volleyball because of the way people acted, or treated me. And I’ve always had [it] in the back of my mind that if I come to a new team, people are not going to be accepting, or think, ‘oh, well, she’s different,’ or whatever, stuff like that. And they really have not made me feel like that. We’re so close, and we’re really a family, which is something important. I think that in the end [it] helps us be better.


Scarlet: How long did it take that worry to dissipate?

Ramos: Actually, like the first week. Yeah. We all started hanging out with each other, and it just got better. We’re always together, so we got to know each other.


Scarlet: What has been your favorite moment with your team so far?

Ramos: We went apple picking as a team. I’ve never been apple picking. It was good… it’s gonna be up there with one of the best things ever.

The volleyball team will play Mount Holyoke on September 25 at 7 p.m., and Babson College on September 27 at 11:00 a.m. Come watch the kind of teamwork and camaraderie that only picking apples together can forge.