CUSC in brief – 09/25

Clark Hillel’s President Jonathan Edelman spoke during the public comments and asked Council to add a bus to Boston on Sunday instead of Saturday. The Student Council has a free bus to Boston for undergraduate students every first and third Saturday of each month. Several students have talked to Edelman requesting a Sunday option, because they are unable to travel Saturdays, for religious reasons. Vice President Sami Noor said that he has been and will continue to look into options for funding to either or alternate the bus schedule between Saturday and Sunday.

Will Heikes and Marisa Natale came to speak about Council’s decision to dissolve Speakers Forum. Speakers Forum was a student organization that brought different guest speakers to campus, but became inactive over the past several years. Last year, the two people running the group did not follow the rule of the Grants Committee, so the funding was taken away. Originally, Council thought that would mean dissolving the organization and not constitutionally funding it anymore. If this would happen it means it would have to go up for referendum for the entire student body to vote on.

The Executive Board met the following day (Wednesday) to discuss the matter, and the Judiciary Committee will decide in the coming days whether or not the issue should be put on the ballot. They may choose to rework the entire campus programming bylaw so as to not target one group.

Heikes and Natale spoke on how the acts of just two people should not take away the opportunity for Clark students to see high profile speakers. The two said, that along with Julianna Murphy, they would want to restart the club and create a very active Speaker’s Forum on campus.

The grants committee allocated $535 to Student Leadership & Programming (SLP) for new speakers. Clark Entrepreneurship Club was allocated $70 for their Whine and Cheese event that will take place Oct. 1. The Millennium Leadership Conference was given $1000 for their event that will take place the first week of November. The original request was $750 to pay for the cash prizes that will be given at the event. After looking over the non-profit regulations the Judiciary Committee announced that they were not legally allowed to fund cash prizes. Instead Council decided it would be most beneficial to allocate $1000 to help fund food, registration, and speakers.

The committee for Student Life announced that there will be a bus to, but not from, Boston for Fall Break. They also announced that there will be a bus to and from Boston and New York for Thanksgiving break. They considered adding a bus to Providence, Rhode Island and Portland, Maine, but they did not receive enough interest from the surveys the committee sent out. They are considering charging students for the trips to New York and Boston.

President Klug reported that there would be a university wide climate survey coming out in the coming weeks and pushed the importance of spreading the word, so that all students would take the survey.

Crystal Haynes, of the elections committee moved to appoint Adam Katzman (‘18) and Miga Lee (‘15) to Grants Committee. She said that both had experience dealing with budgets and both were excited about joining Council. The motion was approved.

In the report from the communications committee, McKenna Hunter (‘17) voiced concerns that L*IN*K has not updated the budget information for the clubs. Treasurer Lauren Meininger (‘17) reported that those in charge of L*IN*K are working hard to fix the problem and update each clubs’ budget.

At the end of the meeting, Haynes spoke about how she was happy to see all the people in the audience fighting for what they believe in. The meeting ended with snaps for advocacy.


GRANTS: $535 to SLP for new speakers.

$70 to Clark Entrepreneurship Club for a Whine and Cheese event

$1000 to Millennium Leadership Conference for food, registration, and speakers.