Cougar of the Week: 10/09

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Nikki Feinberg | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Nikki Feinberg | Photo: Jonathan Edelman

Nikki Feinberg (’16) added two goals to the 3-0 romp of Elms College on Tuesday, September 30. With that win, and the overtime loss this past Tuesday, October 7 at Mount Holyoke, the team is now 1-10. Feinberg understood that the wins would not come easily given the number of new players on this year’s roster.

Scarlet: What was the expectation for the team going into the season?

Feinberg: I think that we just really wanted to push ourselves to come together as a new team, and just try and be better every game we play.


Scarlet: How has the team done in achieving these goals?

Feinberg: I think so far, we’re making progress with each game as we go along… we got our first win, so that’s exciting.


Scarlet: How does the win affect that process?

Feinberg: I think it definitely gives us some confidence going in being able to know that we can score. A lot of our games, we just haven’t been able to capitalize on our chances, so it just gives us a little bit more confidence.


Scarlet: Did it feel as though you were close to winning a lot of those games?

Feinberg: Yeah, a lot of them. Like the Coast Guard game was a PK [penalty kick] that they scored on. It’s frustrating.


Scarlet: Does the frustration from close losses play into how you approach the follow game?

Feinberg: No. I think we just need to go into each game as it is, and it’s a clean start. New game, starting fresh.


Scarlet: How have the new, younger players dealt with the adversity during the beginning of the season?

Feinberg: I think for the most part, they’re seeing as they go along. They’ve played on teams before and this isn’t different than any other team. Every team has its ups and downs. And so they’re learning that this is just a team, and we just gotta work up.


Scarlet: So no one has been deflated by the lack of wins?

Feinberg: I think it even makes us more determined to… win. In one way, it’s just there, you’re always thinking about it. In the same sense, you always want to push to get that.


Scarlet: Are you surprised it took as long as it did to win the first game?

Feinberg: I think our season last year, we only had two more wins [total], I want to say. And we were close in a lot of our games. It was just getting through and scoring those goals to really break through.


Scarlet: What do you think led to those problems early on this season?

Feinberg: I think just the fact that we were a new team, just trying to mesh together and find what worked for us.


Scarlet: How has the team chemistry been since?

Feinberg: Really good. We’re a family. There was an even number of returning players and freshman, so that was a little scary, but I think we’re all one unit now, and really joined together.


Scarlet: Has the tone of practice been different after your first win?

Feinberg: No. We have “Rocktober” coming up, where this is going to be our month, and we’re going to turn it around. It’s gonna be really intense.


Scarlet: Did you have that mentality prior to the win against Elms?

Feinberg: Definitely.


Scarlet: Is this a widespread mentality among the team?

Feinberg: Yeah. I think everyone wants to move forward.


Scarlet: What home games does the team have coming up?

Feinberg: MIT on Saturday at 1:00 p.m., then if [fans] can’t make that. We have Springfield the following Tuesday at 6. We [only] have four home games left.


Scarlet: And why should every student be at those games?

Feinberg: It’s just nice to know that people are cheering for you. It’s nice to hear that.


Support Feinberg and the rest of the women’s soccer team game at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday against MIT at Granger Field as they look to continue their newfound success.