Cougar of the Week: 10/23

Kristen Glennie | Photo: Kassie Benzing
Kristen Glennie | Photo: Kassie Benzing


Kristen Glennie (’18) has started her college cross country career in an impressive fashion. She has been Clark’s leading runner in every race so far, and recently finished 33rd overall in the James Earley Invitational on October 11 with a 5K time of 19:29.


Scarlet: What influenced you to start running cross country?

Glennie: All the other sports were taken. No, it’s because we used to play tag on the playground a lot, and I could run much faster than some people.

Scarlet: Are there any other reasons why you joined?

Glennie: No [laughs].

Scarlet: Just tag?

Glennie: Yeah. I like tag.

Scarlet: How long have you been running cross country?

Glennie: I joined in sixth grade, so I’ve been on a team for a while.

Scarlet: I understand your sister Erin Glennie (’15) is also one of the top runners on the team, did you join cross country because of her?

Glennie: No, she didn’t join cross country until this year. She wasn’t going to do it, and then I kept nudging her to do it, and she finally did.

Scarlet: Has she had experience with running?

Glennie: She was on the running club her sophomore year here, and then they did a half marathon. That’s when she started running a lot more, but she had never been on a team.

Scarlet: What did you say to persuade her to join?

Glennie: That it would be cool, because it would be like the Glennie punch.

Scarlet: How has it been having her on your team?

Glennie: It’s really cool. The team dinners work out well, and after the meets and stuff we can hang out.

Scarlet: I’m assuming you didn’t also convince her to go to Clark?

Glennie: No, that’s not exactly how it worked out.

Scarlet: So what led you to come to Clark?

Glennie: It was just a really nice school. I never actually toured, I just came here and visited a few times, and we’d come down to drop her off, and it seemed really nice, so I was like, “Why not apply?” I like it a lot. It’s really nice.

Scarlet: How do you like the cross country team?

Glennie: The team is really awesome. They’re all really nice and funny. They’re just classic cross country people, which is really cool.

Scarlet:What does that mean?

Glennie: Just like, quirky, but funny still, and just really nice. There’s a certain brand of people who are cross country runners.

Scarlet: Are you running faster than you have in previous years?

Glennie: Yeah. I got a 30 second PR [Personal Record] at the U-Mass Dartmouth course, because that course was like a pancake, which is pretty sweet. So that was a pretty good race, and the other ones have been better too.

Scarlet: Did you expect to improve this much?

Glennie: I think I’m on par with how I expected to run, because I knew I really wanted to PR, but I just didn’t know by how much, so now I just really want to break 19 minutes. My PR is at 19:03 right now, which is only three seconds off, so I really want to try and do that. But we have all 6K courses left, or hilly 5K races, so that might be difficult.

Scarlet: Do you still play tag?

Glennie: We don’t play tag as much, but tag is really fun.

Scarlet: Tag is really fun.

Glennie: Also capture the flag. It would be really cool to have a campus-wide capture the flag, because it’s more fun if it’s not just on a field.

Scarlet: Agreed. Why don’t people play these games anymore?

Glennie: I don’t know. Maybe they just aren’t wearing the proper footwear. Nobody ever wears sneakers anymore. I don’t know.

Glennie looks to continue her strong start to the season as the women’s cross country team will participate in the Plansky Invitational in Williamstown, Mass. on Saturday, October 25 at 12:30 p.m.