Clarkie of the Week: 11/06

Andy Winslow | Photo: Celine Manneville
Andy Winslow | Photo: Celine Manneville

Andy Winslow is a junior majoring in Environmental Science and Policy, with a focus in renewable energies. and a Music Performance minor. He is from Arlington, Massachusetts, and is a talented and dedicated musician, a skilled athlete, and a leader of multiple clubs on campus. He enjoys spending time outdoors and appreciates a good prank.

Scarlet: You’re in Concert Band and Jazz Workshop. What do you play and how long have you been playing?

Andy: I play the tenor saxophone in both Concert Band and Jazz Workshop. I started playing the saxophone in fourth grade and now it’s junior year, so it’s been like twelve or thirteen years. Jazz Workshop is the jazz band club here and I’m actually the president.

Scarlet: What does being the president of Jazz Workshop entail?

Andy: A lot of stuff, including dealing with the administration, which can be challenging. Some of our instruments were recently broken into, so I have to deal with fixing them, but we don’t have a budget because of some issues from last year, but of course we still have to fix them. Someone broke our bass drum last week and other things like that have been happening. Other than that, I schedule concerts, work around student leadership, and work with the music department as well, to organize everything.

Scarlet: You’re also the president of the volleyball team, right?

Andy: Yeah! I’m co-captain with Justin Rydziel ’16. In terms of authority, I’m kind of like the first captain, but I’m technically the president and I work with Justin. We’ve been trying to make the volleyball team more serious than it has been in the past. We had practice the day before Halloween, yes, and we’re being stricter about people turning in their forms, we’re having practices where more drills are being done, and it’s more intense. Last year it was kind of more loosey goosey; we were late turning in all of our money to play in tournaments and stuff, but we’re on top of it this year.  Last year we missed the opportunity to play in a preseason tournament, but this year we got into a preseason tournament so we’ll be playing at WPI December 6. We’re probably going to lose a lot, but it’s a good start for the team to see what we’re playing against. In the past it’s been way too relaxed to be really competitive, so we’re hoping to up our game.

Scarlet: I’ve also heard that you like cooking.

Andy: Yeah, I’m always trying to make real home meals, like that my parents used to make. I’ve asked my parents for a lot of recipes. And I have a student cookbook, which has been pretty cool. The student cookbook has this really good macaroni and cheese recipe that I’ve made a couple times, which you bake in the oven. It has three or four different cheeses you put into it, and it’s really good. One of my favorite recipes is the same one that my mom makes for me when I’ve been away from home for a long time or am about to leave for a long time. It’s called rosemary lemon chicken and it’s a big chicken roast. So I did make that once this year and it was really good. And on weekends, my roommates and I try to make some really nice meals. We’ve made chicken parmesan with broccoli and a baked potato, bacon wrapped pork cubes that we baked with a side of peas, chicken cutlets with rice and broccoli, and we did the rosemary chicken. So that’s been fun actually, we’ve made real dinners and all sat down and ate together, which I know a lot of roommates don’t do. So I have been trying to cook more than I ever have before. Just because, why not? Just because you’re not on the meal plan doesn’t mean you have to live on cereal and ramen all the time, which I see some people doing.

Scarlet: What did you do this summer?

Andy: I was a counselor this summer at my old summer camp in Maine. It’s a backwoods camp for boys that demonstrates old-practice, leave-no-trace camping. And we use all wood and canvas canoes that the camp made. They’re not plastic, they’re not metal, they’re made out of wood and canvas. As part of it, I did a 12 day hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail with a group of 13-15 year olds where we hiked about 120 miles. So I’ve done a lot of hiking and camping. The camp is called the Flying Moose Lodge for people ages 10-16, and it’s the type of camp that’s losing popularity, so it’s kind of dying. I went there for seven years, for seven weeks each, and then this summer I was a counselor, and it was cool being on the other end.

Scarlet: Do you have anything else to add?

Andy: The Jazz Workshop is having a concert Wednesday, December 3 in The Grind at 7 or 7:30. And that Saturday, December 6, at 7:30 is the Combo Concert, also in The Grind. We can play there for free, so we do.

Thanks for the interview, Andy!