Clarkie of the Week: 03/26/2015

Emma Binder | Photo: Emma Binder
Emma Binder | Photo: Emma Binder

Emma Binder is a Senior who hates talking about herself. I got a chance to sit down with her and asked her questions that made her talk about herself.

Scarlet: So first, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Emma: I actually really hate this question.

Scarlet: I bet you do [Laughs]. I hate this question too, but it’s just your major, hometown, and year, that’s all I need.

Emma: [Laughs] those are all kind of complicated. I’m a senior, so class of 2015, that’s the easy one. My hometown’s a little complicated. I’ve moved 7 times. I’ve spent the most time in Virginia [Laughs]. And my major is ID but I’ve also like, I have more than a minor but less than a major in Bio, I’ve also studied Econ pretty extensively, so I’m kind of just like making it up as I go. If that makes sense.

Scarlet: Yeah, no it does. [Laughs] What are you involved in on campus?

Emma: So I’m part of Student Council, where I’m the Senior Class Rep and I’m also the chair of the Student Life Committee, which does all the transportation for students as well as all the [Program Co-sponsorship Fund] funding. I’m a Spree Day co-chair, I am part of the Women’s Lacrosse Team, where I am proud to be one of the co-captains, which is great.

Scarlet: Oh, congrats!

Emma: Oh God. Anything else? [Laughs] I should carry a list. I’m part of Timmy Global Health, which is a local public health group on campus.

Scarlet: What Global Health?

Emma: Timmy Global Health. Like the person, like the name Timmy

Scarlet: Oh Timmy ok! I was like “does that stand for something?”

Emma: [Laughs] It’s just a name. And oh my God, I’m so tired. Spree Day, Lacrosse, it’ll come back. I feel so stupid [Laughs].

Scarlet: It’s fine, we can come back if you remember it.

Emma: What I really need is just my LinkedIn profile to just like “Hey, what have I done?” [Oh! I’m also part of SURJ] I’m the Marketing Editor.

Scarlet: What is SURJ?

Emma: SURJ is the Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal, and its our first year so we’re actually going to launch our magazine on the 22nd of April, so Academic Spree Day.

Scarlet: What does SURJ do?

Emma: So basically, anybody who’s gone to Clark who’s written a research paper [or] done research here could submit their research to us. And so we went through every single piece and decided which ones we wanted to host in the journal and so it’s been great. We have a wide variety [of subjects]: science, computer science, social science, psychology, so you have a lot of different pieces, which is really, it’s been great and it’s really nice. It’s supposed to really just help us let everybody else know all the great research that’s going on here. You kind of get centered in your department, and you don’t really think of, you know, “what are you doing in psychology,” so it’s been really great.

Scarlet: Have you done any research that’s going in SURJ?

Emma: No. Hard pass. [Laughs] No.

Scarlet: [Laughs] What is your role as the Senior Class Rep?

Emma: So basically I just kind of act as the representative for the senior class [Laughs], as it indicates. But what that means is that I represent the senior opinion during Student Council. So when we vote on things I’m voting as if I were the senior class, and so I’m supposed to help voice the constituents concerns, so I guess represent them like the title indicates [Laughs].

Scarlet: You’ve been the chair of the Spree Day Committee for a couple years, right?

Emma: I’ve always been on the committee, but this is my first year as one of the chairs.

Scarlet: Oh, ok, so what is that like? What’s the process to make Spree Day, Spree Day?

Emma: It’s been really interesting because it started off pretty chill, you know, but in the last couple of weeks its really picked up as we’re getting closer. [Laughs] No date. But it’s been really awesome cause it’s been a really good chance for me to learn to communicate better with not only clubs and organizations but different vendors, working with artists, kind of coordinating between different groups to make sure the day flows smoothly. And it’s been great working with SLP and kind of gaining that professional education as well.

Scarlet: So how do you start out? Do you just say like “Okay, this is Spree Day and lets just do things,” like how do you make it?

Emma: So what we really started with was going back to what’s happened in the last couple years, especially last year after the President’s little initiative came out with what he wants to see, and kind of just working to see what we could do better from last year, what we can improve on, you know, what the expectation for us was that President Angel had and SLP had, and really just going from there, and then diving in and kind of being like “this is what we want and how are we going to get there.”

Scarlet: So how do you get there? I know last year, the musical acts were three, sort of unknown people, like how do you find [artists], just like word of mouth?

Emma: So we have a middle agent that we work with, who represents, everyone from no one you’ve heard of to like Taylor Swift, like he knows how to work with them kind of thing. He’s not their agent, but he can work with their agents. But this year, we actually reached out to PEC and had them help us. We gave them a list of who we could work with, and with them we helped narrow it down, and then we kind of took what their input was and made a final decision so that it wasn’t just two people picking somebody that, you know, maybe you haven’t heard of before. So it was really nice this year because there was a whole lot more input than just two people. [Laughs] and it just made it a lot like, a lot less stressful because it wasn’t like “are we making the right decision, is this wrong?” so it’s been really a nice transition.

Scarlet: So you said you’ve moved seven times.

Emma: [Laughs] Yes.

Scarlet: Where? Where have you moved to?

Emma: I was born in Turkey but I didn’t grow up there, I grew up in Germany, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, then I lived in a different part of Virginia, and then I’m here for nine months out of the year, so this has kind of really become my home, because I don’t really go home much anymore other than for like summer.

Scarlet: So what was your favorite place?

Emma: Hawaii.

Scarlet:: Really?

Emma: It was [so] perfect because it was right in that childhood age when you were like, you know I was 7 to almost 13 so I could go out and just play, and it was a lot more relaxed vibe. You know, you go to the beach all the time, so it was just really, it was a great, perfect environment to grow up in.

Scarlet: Do you think you’ll go back?

Emma: My mom keeps joking that she’s going to move back, but I’m hoping that she’s not joking because I would love to go back. [Laughs]. It’s such a great place. I encourage anyone I talk to to go there [laughs].

Scarlet: So any fun facts about yourself? Besides the moving seven times?

Emma: Oh my gosh, I don’t know. I’ve already used my “I don’t like answering questions about myself” fun fact [Laughs]. I haven’t thrown up since I was six. That’s a pretty stellar fact.

Scarlet: Wow. That’s. You need to knock on wood or something.

Emma: [Laughs] God forbid, yes.

Scarlet: Wow, I mean that takes some talent.

Emma: I’m pretty proud of that skill.

Scarlet: It’s a good skill, is it on your resume?

Emma: It should be.

Scarlet: I mean obviously you have a strong stomach.

Emma: [Laughs]

Scarlet: What do you do in your free time? Do you have any free time?

Emma: I do. I do have some free time, I know, people tell me constantly I’m an over committer, but I spend a lot of time here [in the library]. But, when I’m not here I really enjoy spending time with Netflix. We’re pretty tight, pretty good friends. But also I love to travel, I love just exploring, even Worcester, you know. There’s always something new here that you haven’t encountered before. So its just kind of going for adventures is always…

Scarlet: Have you ever found anything in Worcester that you wish people knew about?

Emma: Everyone should go to Anh Thu down the street.

Scarlet: The what?

Emma: The Anh Thu. You know that sketchy little restaurant next to like 7/11. I know a lot of, especially younger, Clarkies don’t want to go there because they think it looks really weird, but it has excellent food and it took me until senior year to figure that out, so everybody should go there [Laughs]

Scarlet: If you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be and why?

Emma: Well I’m super annoying because I have Celiac disease and I can’t eat regular bread, so I think I would just be one of those turkey rolls, you know, where you like pinwheel it, you put some cheese and the turkey and you roll it and put a toothpick. It’s not technically a sandwich but it kind of works as a sandwich

Scarlet: It can count.

Emma: Although I love peanut butter so it’s a tough draw. I could be a peanut butter sandwich and be happy.

Scarlet: Just peanut butter, no jelly?

Emma: A little banana, maybe like a hint of honey, which now I just want to go eat [Laughs].

Scarlet: What’s your favorite place on campus?

Emma: I really love, this is going to sound totally nerdy, but I love the fifth floor [of the library], because you get such a great view, you can sit in the little cubbies and you can just see out the side by the green or you can just see like everything and its so nice and stretched out. But it’s also super nice because every cubby has a plug so you can charge your computer, [Laughs] which is a really hot commodity in this place

Scarlet: Anything else you would like to add?

Emma: I don’t think so, I’m just super awkward about talking about myself, so I apologize [Laughs].

Scarlet: [Laughs] “Anything else you would like to add?” “Yeah I want to apologize for talking about myself.” Shows how humble you are though.

Emma: [Laughs] Bye, peace out. Everyone should volunteer for Spree Day, that is what I would like to say [Laughs].