Cougar of the Week: Kara Fischer

Photo courtesy of clarkathletics,com

Photo courtesy of clarkathletics,com

Kara Fischer (’17) has emerged as the leading scorer for Clark Women’s Soccer this season after only scoring two goals her first two years combined. The Belmont, Mass. born striker already has three goals through six games. The team currently stands at 2-3-1. She sat down with The Scarlet to talk about her improvement, the current season, and self-designing a major in physical anthropology. 

Photo courtesy of clarkathletics,com
Photo courtesy of clarkathletics,com

Scarlet: What’s been the difference for you this season?

Fischer: I think going into the season last year, I wasn’t as confident with the ball as I am now, and I think that sort of goes along with just playing more. The more you play, the more better you’ll get with it. Also, from a team perspective, I think our team is just working a lot better together than we did last year. And I think part of that is that we have so many people returning from last year. And we have a relatively young team. Half of our team is made up of first-years and sophomores, but we have just been working a lot better together.

Scarlet: You’ve been working especially well with Nikki Feinberg (’16), as she has assisted many your goals thus far. How is your dynamic with her?

Fischer: I actually live with her, and she’s definitely one of my best friends. And I really love being able to play with her, especially since I feel we do work so well together. All of the goals that I’ve scored, except for one my first year, were assisted by her, which is pretty cool. I think being close off the field helps us work better on the field.

Scarlet: What has been your favorite goal this season?

Fischer: My favorite moment this season so far was scoring off the corner kick. So Nikki always takes corner kicks, and as a team we’ve always struggled to score off them. So we’ve worked a lot on them in practice and done corner kick after corner kick after corner kick, and finally we scored off of one, and it was a header which was really exciting. We’ve been trying to do that for a long time, and it finally paid off.

Scarlet: I interviewed Nikki last year amidst a tough season, and she seemed pretty positive even though the results weren’t always there. How was the team atmosphere overall last season?

Fischer: Last year was obviously really tough because we won two games all season. As positive as you can be, it’s still really hard, but I think that we definitely all learned a lot from that season, and I think it was also just a huge transitioning season… just with the coach coming in and not having a lot of players. But I was proud of how positive everyone stayed, and my coach was saying that it was amazing that at the end of the season after how hard it was that we all still really cared about each other.

Scarlet: How are the expectations for this year compared to last year?

Fischer: I think going into season I just wanted us to be better than last year, and now I obviously still want to be better than last year, but now I also believe that we can make the playoffs, which we’ve been saying we want to do last ever and this year, but I really believe we have the ability and the passion to make it this year.

Scarlet: We’ve talked about the offense. Let’s talk about the defense. Obviously star keeper Gabby Paolini (’16) is back, and the defense was very young last year. How are they doing this year?

Fischer: Our coach has focused more on defense than she’s focused on anything else, so we definitely have a strong, solid defense. And when the back four work together, and talk and communicate, and sort of shift the way that they’re supposed to, and cover the way they’re supposed to, I think that we are really strong there. The last two games have been shutouts, so that not only shows that Gabby is an amazing goalie, but that the defense is playing better, and working well together and doing a fantastic job so far.  

Scarlet: Good to hear. I saw on the Clark Athletics website that you are a self-designed physical anthropology major. What’s that?

Fischer: Physical anthropology is the biological aspect of anthropology, so anthropology is the study of humans, and physical anthropology studies how humans have evolved over time, but you’re more looking at the physical, structural changes.

Scarlet: Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Fischer: Actually, the reason we have to get wisdom teeth removed now is because our jaws don’t develop as much as they used to because we eat more processed foods, so we don’t chew as much.

Scarlet: Interesting, well I guess as long as people can get them removed, we won’t need to evolve. When is your next home game?

Fischer: Our next home game is against Smith. It’s our first game in the NEWMAC, and it’s a Friday night lights game so it should be exciting.


The Cougars will play Smith at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 18 on the Granger Soccer Turf as they hope to translate their out-of-conference success into NEWMAC victories.