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Clark Welcomes New Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Photo taken by Julia Schroeder

On Monday, Sept. 14, Director of Athletics and Recreation Trish Cronin announced Dan Rotatori as Clark’s first-ever strength and conditioning coach.

After a nationwide search, Clark Athletics has finally been able to satisfy the requests of coaches and student athletes alike. “I’ve heard nothing but [that] we need a strength and conditioning program added to the department, so that is a step we’re making to move forward and be more competitive,” said Cronin.

Rotatori arrived at Clark after graduating from Springfield College in 2014 with a degree in Exercise Applied Science, and starting his own business, Rototype Sports Performance, in March of 2015, where he was the head strength and conditioning coach. Prior to this, he worked as a personal trainer at All Access Fitness Academy in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and completed multiple internships, during which he trained middle school, high school, and college athletes.

Rotatori plans to use his injury prevention-oriented philosophy to help direct Clark teams to be stronger, healthier, and more prepared. “He brings an energy, a knowledge of strength, agility, and conditioning that can supplement what the coaches are doing,” said Cronin.

The Clark community has welcomed Rotatori’s arrival with open arms. “I’ve had nothing but support from athletes, coaches, administration, It’s been unbelievable,” said Rotatori. “I have coaches come up to me every day asking me how it’s going – anything I need, they’re there. Same with administration. If I need something done, they’re right there.”

Rotatori has already begun working with each of the 350 varsity athletes on campus. Teams both in and out of season are starting their training. “This week, everybody’s getting to know everything: the warm-ups, the routines; everything is running a lot smoother,” said Rotatori.

Rotatori plans to specialize each strength and conditioning program according to sport. He said he is looking forward to the progress of not only the individual teams, but the program as a whole. “These programs take a long time to build up and become a powerhouse program. Once you have a powerhouse conditioning program, you can really start to see a difference on the field,” said Rotatori.

Coaches and athletes are eager for what the strength and conditioning program holds. Student-athletes show much acclaim for Rotatori’s hiring. “I love the fact that we have a strength and conditioning coach. He’s a great addition to the program. I think improvements are being seen right away, and it’s exactly what we need if we want to be competitive,” said Luke LaLima (’17), a member of the men’s basketball team. The varsity athletes are ready for a next-level edge against their opponents and they are willing to put in the effort and commitment to becoming better than ever before.