Police Logs

Sunday, September 27

00:54 – Broke up a large party.

10:06 – Party adding a supplemental narrative to a previous report.

16:40 – Check welfare of a female party who appears disoriented…unable to locate.

18:18 – Student in the lobby to report stolen laptop taken during a house party.

23:03 – Report of a male and female party arguing at the bus stop.

Monday, Sept. 28

15:01 – Fire alarm set off in Sackler due to steam in one of the labs.

Tuesday, Sept. 29

2:22 – Male and female arguing on Woodbine, half hour later another report of the same thing in the same place.

18:00 – WPD requesting an officer for information

20:10 – Window smashed out on vehicle on Charlotte Street.

Wednesday, September 30

00:19 – Two individuals refusing to leave the library.

14:58 – Steam from a lab set off alarm in Sackler again.

15:06 – Complaint of vehicle hit by kids playing football in the administration parking lot.

17:57 – Party requesting information on fraud.

19:25 – Driver yelling at students near Estabrook.

20:31 – Report of a suspicious person…was just a party waiting for friend.

Thursday, Oct. 1

17:34 – Person requesting assistance with a roommate.

18:44 – Person requesting to speak with an officer regarding a safety concern.

18:59 – Debris fell on vehicle in the parking garage.

19:06 – Person stuck in the Goddard Library elevator.

22:57 – Person causing disturbance in the Woodland Street area.

23:39 – Person threatening to harm themselves.

23:43 – Confiscated drug paraphernalia in Dana Hall.

Sunday, Oct. 4

3:13 – Assisting WPD with camera footage.

9:08 – Assisting WPD with a previous incident.

12:08 – Stolen credit card.

12:49 – Window smashed on bus at Dolan field house.

13:07 – Students unable to locate friend…found.

13:52 – Party in the lobby to report an assault.

14:45 – Suite in Blackstone has a mouse.

Monday, Oct. 5

1:47 – Graffiti on the second floor of Atwood Hall.

3:10 – Out with a party slumped over the wheel…party was sleeping.

6:40 – Removed parties from the library.

16:26 – Fault in the fire alarm system.

18:23 – Report of children in lot “messing” with the fence.

In addition, there were 9 calls to EMS, seven calls for police escort, 10 fire alarms and smoke detectors went off as well as 2 burglar alarms. The police oversaw 3 motor vehicle stops, nine money transports, 12 lockouts, 2 instances of items lost or found, 3 reports of larceny, 3 checks of student welfare and 2 heating problems. Finally, the police assisted citizens and WPD 25 times and dealt with 7 miscellaneous incidents and 5 complaints.