Police Logs

Monday, Oct. 5

1:47 – Graffiti on the carpet in Atwood.

3:10 – Party slumped over the wheel of a car, party was sleeping.

6:40 – Trespassers moved along from the library.

9:54 – Party in the lobby to report a stolen moped…referred to WPD as incident was off campus.

18:23 – Juveniles playing with chain link fence near Maywood Lot.

Tuesday, Oct. 6

22:26 – Person asleep in car, slumped over wheel.

Wednesday, Oct. 7

10:50 – Yellow suitcase left unattended…contained a lunch and clothing.

20:24 – WPD out with a suspicious person in the back of the building.

Thursday, Oct. 8

0:30 – Assisting WPD with attempting to move a vehicle.

6:03 – Trespassers moved along from the library

18:13 – WPD out with possible trespassers near Dolan.

Friday, Oct. 9

0:47 – Report of a fight outside of Dana Hall.

1:49 – Assisting a party with a concern

6:07 – Trespassers moved along from library

19:42 – Party left bag in Atwood Hall

Saturday, Oct. 10

2:58 – Assisted WPD with a loud party.

10:43 – Party left a water bottle in Jonas Clark Hall.

21:11 – Report of a B&E that occurred off campus…referred to WPD.

Sunday, Oct. 11

17:15 – Student left phone in University Center…phone taken.

21:22 – WPD reports a female party trespassing at Annie’s.

Monday, Oct. 12

19:15 – Assisting with locating parties involved in a fight.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

12:44 – Male party stole multiple sets of earphones from the Clark bookstore.

12:56 – Report of a suspicious male in a vehicle in the Blackstone lot.

16:22 – Party in the lobby to report a stolen passport.

22:52 – Vehicles broken into on Oberlin Street, WPD notified as incident is off campus…units assisted.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

9:10 – Found dog in the parking garage.

16:34 – Party in lobby to report their vehicle was broken into.

18:25 – Units out with a party who jumped over the fence near the parking garage.

Thursday, Oct. 15

5:30 – At Annie’s assisting with a gas issue.

21:43 – Report of a salesperson in the A.C.

22:00 – Reports of a male offering marijuana to students near Johnson Sanford.

Friday, Oct. 16

0:24 – Parties moved along from library.

14:50 – Units out with a motor vehicle accident with injuries…WPD/WFD notified.

15:21 – Male making harassing comments to a student.

19:41 – Assisting with a vehicle jump start.

23:56 – Units out with a loud party.

Saturday, Oct. 17

0:50 – Body fluid spill in UC.

22:22 – Complaint transferred to WPD as it is an off-campus issue.

23:33 – Assisting WPD with a loud party.

Sunday, Oct. 18

11:37 – Party left bag in street.

In addition, in the past two weeks: 12 fire alarms and four burglar alarms were sounded, the police helped with 18 lockouts, nine money transports, six checks of student welfare, 14 parking violations, four reports of larceny, four reports of property lost or found. Also, there were 11 calls to escort, 14 calls to EMS, and 8 other miscellaneous incidents.