Showing the Unseen

Awake long before students and available long after they are asleep, Clark’s janitors, cooks, and maintenance workers keep busy playing an essential role at the University.

These individuals make everyone’s lives easier, but usually go through their days unheard, unseen, and underappreciated by students. This inspired a group of ten Clarkies, led by Teodor Nicola-Antoniu (‘19), to give Clark’s silent support system a voice loud enough for the entire University to hear. They plan to do this through a short 10-15 minute-long documentary.

Nicola-Antoniu is no stranger to helping different perspectives be heard. He first started volunteering with Rotaract, an international organization that concentrates on developing young adults into active leaders in their communities and workplaces. After working with Rotaract and learning how the ideas of individuals with vastly different outlooks can change society, Nicola-Antoniu now hopes to use his community-serving skills to provide a looking glass into the lives of the hard-working adults that run the University behind the scenes via a documentary.

A key factor in  Nicola-Antoniu’s decision to come to Clark was seeing how students and faculty helped and interacted with each other. “We spend four important years here and we have to take advantage of this small community of kind, beautiful people,” he said. “We should know the people we are surrounded by and make our lives better.” Nicola- Antoniu’s motivation behind focusing on the University’s workers “was to get to know the people that are less known that have a significant impact on our development into responsible adults.”

The production crew for the short documentary, which is still in its preliminary stages, will collaborate closely with Clark’s Film Production Society to ensure that the stories of these individuals are captured as accurately and professionally as possible.

Nicola-Antoniu ultimately hopes the documentary will be screened in the Caf. He also hopes that the documentary will inspire students to discover for themselves “how grateful they are to be surrounded by such great people and appreciate their hard work,” and that the University will take pride in how much they do for the entire Clark community.