Cougar of the Week: Maddy Doyle


Cougar. Taken by Jonathan Edelman

Maddy Doyle (‘19) just completed her first season with Clark Women’s Cross Country. The South Berwick, Maine native studies Psychology, and sat down with THE SCARLET to talk about her first season, writing for The Freudian Slip, and socks.


Scarlet: Cross country went to regionals, their final meet of the season. How did you do?

Doyle: I did well. I wasn’t feeling great and I didn’t get my goal, but it wasn’t bad.


Scarlet: Now that the season is over with, how do you think you ran for your first year in college?

Doyle: I think it was interesting to see the adjustment to college and I think that I did well considering it’s a complete life change, and I am excited to see how my season next year goes!

Scarlet: I know that you and Kristen Glennie (‘18\) are both very good runners. Both of you finish very closely together in races. Do you two get competitive with each other?

Doyle: I mean we definitely pick it up at different parts of the race, but when we do run into each other it’s generally in the beginning when she’s way ahead of me, but I’ll find her around the end of the race. It’s just that we have different racing styles. We are competitive sometimes, but most of the time it’s like “Hello, fellow runner. I’m here.”

Scarlet: Has cross country in college been what you expected it to be coming from high school?

Doyle: Not really! It was definitely a different team atmosphere, and I thought the races would at least be similar, but they are very different coming from a small Maine cross country team.

Scarlet: Was there anyone on the team this year that had a significant influence on you?

Doyle: Probably Cate [Huynen] (‘16). She was one of our senior members, and it was really nice to know her last season. She was a big supportive part of my college experience, something that I wouldn’t trade for anything. She made the adjustment easier!

Scarlet: Is there anything you plan to do to better prepare for the next season?

Doyle: I’m going to focus on strength training, and try to get not just my legs strong! Maybe do a pull up next year!

Scarlet: I know you write for The Freudian Slip, how is that going for you?

Doyle: It’s good! It’s fun writing about Clark in a satirical way, because a lot of funny things happen here, and I like to mock it.

Scarlet: How did you make time for cross country, The Freudian Slip, and your schoolwork? Was it hard, especially since it is your first year in college?

Doyle: Not really, I’m not a science major so I have less homework, and the Freudian Slip only meets once a week, and they are pretty understanding, and the articles aren’t really time sensitive. If you hand it in late no one is going to get to mad.

Scarlet: I was wondering if you could settle a long held debate within the cross country team that has been bothering THE SCARLET for a long time, who has the best socks on the team?

Doyle: Oh, that’s a tough one! I am a student of Kristen Glennie’s sock expertise. I know she lives close to a sock warehouse in Portland, Maine. I just can’t compete with that! She has some really great socks, specifically the avocado socks!

Scarlet: Can you explain “Daddy Moyle”?

Doyle: Yeah, Kristen and myself were goofing around as we do, and rearranging our first letters in our first and last names. She shouldn’t be talking with a name like Glisten Kennie!

Scarlet: What was your high school nickname?

Doyle: It was an inside joke, but they would call me Dadassdoyle. I’ll text friends from high school, and they will call me “Dadass” still.

Scarlet: Is there anyone else on the women’s cross country team who you would like to give a shout out to?

Doyle: I think the whole team deserves it. We are a great, close team, and I am looking forward to seeing how the underclassmen do. I can’t wait for next season. We are going to do great!


Thanks for the interview, Maddy!