CUSC in Brief: February 16, 2016

CUSC in Brief: February 16, 2016

After the roll call and the approval of the minutes, Ethan Wainblat (‘16) announced that he would be resigning from his position in order to study for his Medical College Admission Test, and proceeded to leave.

As Finance Chair Andres Gvirtz (‘18) was absent for the meeting, Arslan Tarar (‘18) provided the Finance Committee report. He stated that the allocations process will end this week and that appeals will begin next week. He also asked for more members on the committee.

Elections Vice Chair Josh Merchant (‘19) stated that Special Elections would be held on the Feb. 24 and that Spring Elections are already underway. He also resigned from his position and joined Finance Committee, in order to run for Vice President of Student Council. Eric Barrese (‘19) would later in the meeting resign from the same committee and join Student Life Committee, in order to run for President of Student Council. This left Elections Chair Caleb Horton (‘17) as the only member on the committee.

Treasurer Rohan Roger (‘18) reported that many people have applied for the new jobs that recently opened up on campus. He also announced a new referenda for club recognition policies, so that inactive clubs won’t consume budgets.

Secretary Jenna Libera (‘18) stated that if council members had more than four recorded absences, which is true for some members, then impeachment actions would be implemented. The clause in the constitution that defines this policy was read out loud, and the wording and definitions of terms like “absence” were questioned. It was then agreed that the Judiciary Committee would have to determine what constitutes an absence.


Activists United- $410 to send seven students to the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) National Conference from Feb. 27-28. The students intend to learn organizing strategies from other student and labor activists and make connections with other chapters of USAS.

Savannah Cooley (‘16)- $600 for travel expenses to the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting from in San Francisco, Calif. and present the research from her Honors Thesis.

Office of Academic Achievement- $500 to send six student to the Third Annual Women of Color Conference at the SUNY College at Geneseo. The students will work with peers in the Consortium of Higher Learning and Success, of which Clark is a member, to make the campus into a more inclusive environment for education.

Due to mid-year allocations, the Quarter Three Fund grew by $4,133 making its new total $13,014.