CUSC in Brief: February 23, 2016

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During public comments, Treasurer Rohan Roger (‘18) expressed his concern regarding the lack of diversity in CUSC and stated that they should implement a screening process for cultural competence so that CUSC could be more representative of the student body.

Finance Chair Andres Gvirtz (‘18) announced that the Finance Committee will start club check-ins with every campus organization, which is indirectly connected to the annual budgets.

Student Life Committee Chair Anny Un-Ain (‘18) stated that office space evaluations will occur on Friday afternoon, and that sales for spring break busses will begin shortly.

During the Judiciary Committee Report, CUSC approved the internal procedures of the Student Life Committee.

Complications occurred during the Election Committee report, as Chair Caleb Horton (‘17), the last member on the committee, had resigned. Due to this, President Kevin Kim (‘16) appointed Adam Katzman (‘18) to chair. A mandatory meeting for the candidates of the election was scheduled for Thursday Feb. 25. The election is to occur between Tuesday night and Thursday of this past week.

During operations reports, Kim stated that he would be working with Katzman in getting him up-to-date for the election. Kim also said that he was “deeply concerned” about Student Council, due to the fact that it becomes increasingly “dramatic” with each passing year.

Vice President Amy Fallon (‘17) asked council members for help in selling tickets for spring break busses, which will be going to Boston and New York on March 4 and March 5.

Roger presented Amendment 105.02 to Bylaw 308, which intends to make the process of being recognized as a club easier. Discussion persisted for some time, as some members believed that this amendment would only increase the workload on SLP. Having not come to a decision, the issue was tabled for one week

Then, a closed meeting was called by Judiciary Chair Lauren Howard (‘17), at which point the press was asked to leave.

Secretary Jenna Libera (‘18) sent The Scarlet an abbreviated version of the minutes of the closed meeting. During this session, Vice President Amy Fallon (‘17) moved to impeach  First-Year Class Representative Eric Barrase (‘19, Minority Representative and Chair of Communications Committee Sahil Shah (‘16), and Off-Campus Representative Bareesh Chowdhurry (‘17). After Council members voted via secret ballot, all three motions did not pass.


  • The Ping Pong Club was allocated $125 to purchase a ping-pong table.
  • Heather Riesenberg (‘19)- $160 to purchase four squash rackets and a box of balls on behalf of Clark Athletics
  • Clark University Emergency Medical Services- $1,900 to pay half of the cost for an Emergency Medical Technician Class for four students at WPI.
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship- $2,500, with a two-week waiver, to send 25 students to ServeUP New Orleans.
  • OPEN- $1,000 to pay for Dark Matter, a trans slam poetry duo, who will be visiting the university.
  • Rodrigo Saavedra (‘16)  and Yuanzheng Chen (‘17)- $590 to help pay for their trip to the International Students and Scholars Advocacy Day in Washington DC.
  • The Equestrian Team- $249 to pay for two days worth of transportation costs.
  • Hannah Rosenblum (‘16) and Yuka Fuchino (‘16)- $900 to pay for expenses during their trip to the Conference of the Association of American Geographers in San Francisco.