CUSC in Brief: March 22, 2016

CUSC in Brief: March 22, 2016

It had been a full three weeks since CUSC has last met. It was a last meeting for many members, who resigned due to the recent election.

Steve McClurn talked about Tasks for Transit Inc., an organization that sells WRTA bus passes in bulk to partner charity organizations, which then gives them to people in need.

Finance Committee Chair Andres Gvirtz (‘18) reported that Council is starting to send out applications for next year’s club budgets.

The Judiciary Committee proposed two club charters for ratification: the Korean Student Association and Debate Society. The Student Council unanimously ratified both.

The Elections Committee proposed and the Council ratified last week’s election results. Chair Adam Katzman (‘18) also stated that candidates for Major Events Chairs will be needed in the fall.

The Executive Board resigned at the end of this meeting. The new Executive Board, with Cory Bisbee (‘19) as president, Josh Merchant (‘19) as vice president, Gvirtz as treasurer, and Arslan Tarar (‘18) as secretary, will begin their term at the next meeting.


  • $7,300 was allocated to Skyla Choi (‘16), Skye Wingo (‘16), and Carlos Deschamps (‘16) to pay for rental equipment for their project to film a screen version of Maya Davis’s play, Sensations.
  • $515 was allocated to Melissa Miller (‘16), Wilhelm Diehl (‘18), and Andrew Nickerson (‘19) to pay for their lodging during their trip to the Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference in Baltimore.
  • $490 was allocated to the Student Tech Team to buy a computer adaptor box and professional computer software to replace the lighting board in Atwood.
  • $219 was were allocated to the Equestrian Team to pay for gas costs.
  • $250 was allocated to Clark Net Impact to pay for a bus to take students to a Polar Factory Beverage Tour.
  • $150 was allocated to Carly Dillis (‘19) for her Management 100 Community Project to pay for food at Jeremiah’s Inn, a homeless men’s shelter.
  • $835 was allocated to Amnesty International to send one student to the 2016 Human Rights Conference.