Cougar of the Week: Will Roberts

Photo by Erin McKeon
Photo by Erin McKeon

Will Roberts (‘18) is a defenseman for Clark Lacrosse. Since his arrival, he has been a vital member to the team. Roberts studies management and hails from Paxton, Mass.

Scarlet: What made you decide to start playing lacrosse?

Will: I was a freshman in high school. I have always played a sport for three seasons, and I dropped baseball and decided to pick up lacrosse. I had a couple of friends who played hockey, and they encouraged me to try out for the team because they needed guys for the freshman squad.

Scarlet: Did you ever imagine that you’d be a starter for a college lacrosse team?

Will: No. No way. I really didn’t look to get recruited until very late in the process. I only went to one showcase. Up to my senior year, I didn’t know if I was going to play lacrosse or soccer. I met with Coach Cohen, and he had a huge influence on me. He was very informative and helped me see myself at Clark. It also helped that Clark has a good reputation in the Worcester area, which my parents liked a lot.

Scarlet: What is the best and worst part about playing lacrosse at Clark?

Will: Best and worst…I would say the best is that every game is a dog fight, it’s super competitive. We don’t really win or lose by a lot. I love the intensity and competitiveness the team goes through, which only makes us stronger. The worst is probably working to find a balance of how much you can put into lacrosse on the field, and how much to put into the classroom.

Scarlet: The team recently played Skidmore College, and held the lead on them starting in the first quarter. What went into dominating the rest of the game?

Will: Much like all of our games this year, it was the preparation leading up to the game. Once we get to the field it’s about the energy, and who wants it more. It’s not about who’s more skilled, but who is more focused. We went into that game with a focus to win, and it showed in the first half to the end.

Scarlet: The last two teams that the team beat, Skidmore and Salve Regina, have not been beat by Clark in five years, what do you think is different this year that is giving the team such a strong start of the season?

Will: I think it’s the attitude. In the past, not to be mean, but people thought about what they’ll do after the game. Now, we think, ‘when do we get to play next and show what we got?’ The team trained real hard in the off season, going to the field almost everyday to train. This team is determined to win, and looks forward to every chance we can prove it.

Scarlet: Is there anyone on the team that you feel has had a huge impact on you on the field and off?

Will: I can’t say it’s just one person, it’s really the whole team. Everything I do is for them, and everything they do is for each other. We are really close on and off the field, and that helps us play better with each other.

Scarlet: There are a lot of people on the team. Do you find it hard to match each other’s playing style and work as an effective team?

Will: This year we have been doing a better job at it, every time we step on the field everyone is locked in and mentally engaged, versus going through the motions. Everyone picks up on the little things, which is crucial to playing well with each other. Everything that we do off the field, the bonds we make, carries back to the field and we learn how better we can play with each other from that. It is hard, but we’ve been practicing at it a lot more this year.

Scarlet: When Will Roberts is not at practice, the gym, or a game, what does Will Roberts do?

Will: School work, and I also like to play lacrosse for fun. I love movies, I love watching movies on Netflix when I’m not playing lacrosse or doing school work. I also have a girlfriend, so I have to do some work there.

Scarlet: Do you have any crazy pre-game ritual you have to do?

Will: I have to stretch, I will get to the game an hour fifteen before to stretch. I also have to wear a Breathe Right strip. I started it my first game this year with a Breathe Right stip on, and I wear it every game since then. We haven’t lost since, so you’re welcome.

Scarlet: Is there anyone on the team who you think has been working extra hard, and going the extra mile to better the team this year?

Will: Right off the bat, Alex Turgeon (‘16). He has been huge for us. He dropped three years of experience as a defensive middie and is picking up faceoffs. It was a needed position, and Alex stepped right in, and is giving us an edge over the teams we’ve played.

Scarlet: Do you have any hobbies?

Will: I play a little bit of piano. I like to do that sometimes up in Tilton.

Scarlet: Is there anything you want the Clark community to know about you or the team?

Will: I really can’t stress how much work we’ve been putting in this year. We really appreciate the people that come out and support us. We really have a strong network with the team members families, that help us and feed us after games. I’d like to stress that we are putting in the work and if you want to support us, support us. Coming to the games helps us a lot because we feed off the support that the community gives us.


Thanks for the interview, Will!