CUSC in Brief: 29 March 2016

CUSC in Brief: 29 March 2016

Due to a lack of a quorum, Student Council did not officially begin its meeting until 8:42 p.m. In the meantime, CUSC deliberated internal business and non-voting matters.

Judiciary Chair Lauren Howard (’17) announced that there will be a charter reviewed next week. Elections Chair Adam Katzman (‘18) stated that his committee is still working on the applications for Major Events Chair through LINK. Communications Chair Cory Bisbee (‘19) announced that his committee will be setting aside funding next year for the CUSC website.

Before CUSC could continue, they had to achieve a quorum first. While waiting, the Council exchanged hilarities with the public and amongst themselves until President Kevin Kim (‘16) called a recess. During this time, three gentlemen in the back row of the public took Snapchats, giggled, and attempted to create the banter often heard in British parliament. In the background, CUSC played popular Internet videos of pandas, Donald Trump without a nose, and Jeb Bush being socially awkward.

Once Treasurer Rohan Roger (‘18) arrived, a quorum was finally achieved. CUSC returned to its usual protocol by taking roll and approving last week’s minutes. In light of Amy Fallon’s (‘17) resignation, Vice President-Elect Josh Merchat (‘19) was appointed by Kim and approved by the Council. Shortly thereafter, Jenna Libera (‘18) resigned as well and performed a haiku as a farewell. Afterwards, Kim appointed Secretary-Elect Arslan Tarar (‘18) to the position and a ceremonial exchanging of the keys took place between the two secretaries.

After grants was allocated, Grants Chair Emilee Cocuzzo (‘18) resigned from her position and recommended Adam Katzman (‘18) as a successor, who was then appointed and approved. As a result, the Elections Chair position was now vacant, so Joya Hall (‘19) was appointed to and approved for the position.

Since a quorum was thereafter lost, CUSC adjourned their meeting, but continued to deliberate on a number of issues and accept a few more reports. During New Business, Kim presented an email sent from Roger on March 24 to the administration petitioning for another bookkeeper to be hired in order to deal with the growing budgeting workload caused by the increasing number of clubs. Roger received criticism from Hall and other members for speaking on behalf of Student Council on policy proposals without discussing the topic with Council beforehand. Howard said that this meeting was not “the time or place to be having this discussion,” considering that the Executive Board had not discussed this beforehand and that Roger would be resigning next week.

During the Treasurer’s Report, Roger talked about inefficient budgeting of the Student Activities Fund (SAF), which he noted is something that the Council repeatedly discusses throughout the academic year. Many members expressed their understanding of the issue during discussion. Director of Student Leadership & Programming Tim St. John stated that last year there was $80,000 in unused budget funding. Many members, such as Finance Chair Andrés Gvirtz (‘18), have been working on the issue by considering reforms to mandatory spending regulations and SAF. This issue is expected to grow, as more clubs expect to be institutionalized in the coming semesters. Gvirtz is expected to take on these issues once he officially becomes Treasurer.


  • $500 was allocated to Student Alumni Relations Committee to pay for catering at their Alumni Coffeehouse on April 13.