CUSC in Brief: April 5, 2016

CUSC in Brief: April 5, 2016

Clark University’s Director of Content Marketing Matthew Cyr, as well as Vice President of Marketing and Creative Director Keith Carville, visited during public comments to showcase the new website that they have been developing over the past two years and to get feedback from the Student Council. Cyr said that the central question he wanted to answer during his presentation was “Does the website feel like Clark to you?”

The website is intended to be a template where students can see themselves featured with the work they do on campus. For example, the page called “Passion with a Purpose,” which features broad categories of issues and topics that are hopefully relatable to the interests and passions of students on campus. The University Student Life page is also built to feature the campus itself so that potential Clarkies could get a sense of what the campus looks like and who the students are.

At the end of his presentation, Cyr noted that the university is still undergoing transition from the old website to the new one. For the remainder of the transition, his team will be adding more information and pages regarding research, departments, university life, LEEP, and administrative offices. In addition, third party websites that the university uses, such as Moodle, ClarkYou, LINK, and Athletics will remain in use.

President David Angel also came to the meeting to discuss what he described as “paradigm shift” in student employment. The administration intends to restructure student employment in order to create a net increase of 30-40 jobs funded by an additional $100,000 in costs, much of which will be reallocated from the budget of the President’s Office.

Angel outlined a series of goals he intended accomplish throughout this process, including the elimination of the difference between work study and non-work study jobs, requiring more transparent and public advertising of open positions, and gearing work positions more towards students’ skills and resumé building, as well as their education. In addition, Angel cited that only one third of work study students choose to work, so he intends to hold and on-campus jobs fair during Week One for work study students and also wants summer advisors to hold conversations with incoming students about employment.

Angel fielded questions from Council members, who asked about more employment opportunities for international students and increasing the wage for all campus workers to a living wage.

After the President’s meeting, Treasurer-Elect Andres Gvirtz (‘18) gave a presentation urging members to apply for the Ad Hoc Committee on Financial Restructuring. He presented the opportunity to be on the committee as an opportunity to work as a team to solve a challenging problem. His premise was that most people on CUSC do not know much about finance and have not seen many long, complex financial documents. Because of this, the committee would require many people with various skills who are able to get the general idea for the dimensions of a big problem and segment that problem into individual, solvable parts.

Finance Chair Herbert James (‘16) reported that the club budgets have been sent out and that appeals for budgets will be held on Sunday, April 10. Elections Chair Joya Hall (‘19) announced that she will publish the applications for Major Events Chair on LINK.

Vice President Josh Merchat (‘19) reported that the Student Sustainability Fund will be having its awards ceremony for approved initiatives and that applications for next year’s open positions are available.



 $1,940 was allocated to the Outing Club to purchase three canoes and canoe-related gear.

$1,000 was allocated to the Science Fiction People of Clark for their Clark Con on April 16.

$1,500 was allocated to six students from the Critical Pedagogies in Social and Environmental Justice class to for their trip to the North American Social Solidarity Economic Forum.  

$250 was allocated to Making a Difference/Working for Worcester to pay for bus transportation to send approximately 100 students to the event.

$1,000 was allocated to STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition to pay for the visit of Carl Wilkens, a guest speaker who did humanitarian work in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide.

$513 was allocated to Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter to fund promotion of the club.

An additional $258 was allocated to Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter for pay for ticket and transportation costs associated with the MIT Sustainability Summit.

$1,000 was allocated to Timmy Global Health to pay for their trip to the United For Sight Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University.

$42.50 was allocated to Anika Kreckel (‘19) for her trip to the Harvard Leadership Conference.

$47.50 was allocated to Khaled Khalifa (‘18) for his trip to the Harvard Leadership Conference.