Cougar of the Week: Joe Gouveia

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Photo: Steven Castiglione

Photo: Steven Castiglione

Joe Gouveia (‘17) is a relief pitcher and closer for the men’s baseball team. Gouveia hails from Nashua, N.H. and studies economics. Aside from having a banner year on the mound so far, Gouveia was recently reappointed to treasurer for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and is a member of the Clark Investments & Trading Society.

Scarlet: How do you feel the season is going so far?

Joe: So far the team has been off to a good start. In Florida we all came together, especially with the coaching staff. We finalized our lineup. We beat Emerson College back to back, but lost to Wheaton. Wheaton showed us that we are not going to give up in the face of adversity. This next week is going to be the toughest week of the season. We have six games, some back to back. This will show our true colors and prove who we are as a team.

Scarlet: How do you practice being a better baseball pitcher?

Joe: There are many different things. When people think of pitchers, they don’t think of a stocky bulky guy. It’s a lot of legs and shoulder workouts. We make sure that we have a lot of arm mobility, trying to strengthen the muscles internally, but not to make them bulky and in the way. Running, stretching, and a variety of other exercises go into it as well.

Scarlet: What aspect of pitching, in your opinion, is the most difficult?

Joe: I would say baseball in general is a mental game. When you are on the mound as a relief pitcher, you have the game on the line. You really have to control your thoughts and focus in the now and not linger on the past or future.

Scarlet: How long have you been playing baseball?

Joe: I’ve been playing baseball since I can remember. I would guess I started at five.

Scarlet: What got you started, or who?

Joe: So I basically started playing because of my dad. I can remember my dad teaching me to throw and catch at a young age ever since T-ball. Since then, I have improved drastically and have been hooked on baseball ever since.

Scarlet: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Joe: My pre-game rituals…well let’s see. I have a playlist I listen to. The first part of it I listen to on the walk to the Dolan, the second part I listen to walking in the locker room, and third part I listen to before I go out to the baseball field when I am in the trainer’s room. Once we actually get on the field I put my bag in the same spot everyday. I throw with the same person everytime, and I stretch I at the same time. During the game we have some pretty good rituals.

Scarlet: What are the rituals you do during the game?

Joe: Alright, if we have a big inning in the field or at bat I’ll stay in the same place, and everyone will really stay in the same place. We don’t move because we feel that in that moment we were all doing something right, and if we move than we might mess with our luck…not that we need the luck, though.

Scarlet: Do you feel baseball is properly represented on Clark’s campus?

Joe: I think people are aware of us, but along with other sports there is a fight to get attention for our games. Baseball is involved in the Clark community both on a volunteer level, and involved in the community all year round.

Scarlet: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not playing baseball?

Joe: A lot of it is spent with my team. We consider ourselves a huge family. When we are not on the field, we are in the caf eating, playing wiffle ball wherever there’s space, studying together, and playing video games together.

Scarlet: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Joe: I would say that I love hamburgers and hot dogs. If I had to grab something quick, I wouldn’t mind getting a burger or something else. So I’d say it would be getting fast food. I don’t do it all the time, but nothing beats late night McDonald’s.

Scarlet: If you could play any other sport at Clark what would it be?

Joe: I would have to say basketball. I can dunk a tennis ball on a ten-foot regulation basketball hoop.

Scarlet: Why basketball of all sports?

Joe: I played it when I was younger. I stopped around middle school because everyone towered over me. I was a big passer. I’m not great at all, though. Ask my teammates, I always get picked last.

Scarlet: If you could travel anywhere in the world and bring three people, where would you go and who would you bring?

Joe: I would go to the Bahamas. I definitely could get used to the warmer weather and beautiful beaches all the time. I feel like island life would suit me. First one is a given, I would bring my brother, then the other two spots would have to be fought over by the baseball team and the top two would get it.

Scarlet: Can you comment on Tyler Hutchinson’s (‘17) chocolate milk problem?

Joe: I don’t really think Hutch has a problem with chocolate milk. I really think Ted Downing (‘18) has the problem. Ted will eat salad, chicken, and rice and down it all with at least three cups of chocolate milk. He has an issue and needs to get help.

Scarlet: If there is anything you’d like to say to the reader, what would it be?

Joe: Thanks for playing. We’ll be seeing you. It’s an inside joke, the baseball guys will get it.


Thanks for the interview, Joe!