The Sun Parade and the Snaz


The Sun Parade and the Snaz packed The Grind as Radio Of Clark University (ROCU) hosted their spring concert on Friday night, April 8. The Snaz, hailing from Brattleboro, Vt, took the stage first at around 8:45 pm, close to an hour after the expected start time, while many students were still filing into the Grind. The quartet was, aside from the drummer, dominated by female performers, and produced a soft, punky sound that the crowd seemed to enjoy. The indie-rock band played some of their best-known songs, including “Anna,” from their self-titled debut album, as well as a few from their latest album, Running Away From Home. The audience cheered loudly for the teen band as they finished their set.

There was a short break between bands, and then the headliner took the stage. Compared to the Snaz, the Sun Parade emitted a psych-folk, Beatlesque quality, as the four hip twenty-somethings from Northampton, Mass, took the stage and began their set around 9:30. The band mostly played songs from their newest album, which has just been recorded. The album is currently untitled, but contains a variety of new sounds for the band. One of their new songs, titled “Gameboy,” mirrored some of their older, indie psych-folk favorites, but the band swiftly shifted to a heavier sound with “Sugar Mountain” about halfway through the set. Amongst their new sound, they weaved in some of their older tunes, such as “Hometown” from their debut album, Yossis, released in 2012.

The Sun Parade received a surge of applause when they mentioned Northampton, their hometown since Chris Jennings founded the band in 2011. “We love Worcester,” remarked Jefferson Lewis, guitarist and singer of the band, before the show. The Sun Parade said that they appreciate the strong and thriving “DIY” music scene that exists in the city amongst indie and punk bands. The Sun Parade plays occasional shows in the area, with the last at the Distant Castle in March.


“The Sun Parade was quite lit,” yelled an audience member after the show. Throughout the evening, the crowd seemed to enjoy the essentially lighthearted, upbeat tunes that the Snaz and Sun Parade chose for the evening.