Cougar of the Week: Pat Campbell

Photo by Steven Castiglione
Photo by Steven Castiglione

Pat Campbell (‘19) hails from Duxbury, Mass. and is pursuing a pre-med track in biology. Campbell has only been on the team for a little bit, but has made huge strides in making a name for himself on the field as a formidable defenseman.

Scarlet: What got you started playing lacrosse?

Pat: I started playing lacrosse in second grade. All my friends played and it was something to do. I wasn’t good at baseball, and lacrosse seemed like the right thing.

Scarlet: How has your first year in college been? Anything in particular you weren’t prepared for?

Pat: I think my first year is going pretty well. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the workload. Over time, I have become accustomed to it, and it just becomes routine.

Scarlet: How has your first year on the lacrosse team been, anything noteworthy?

Pat: I think the season’s going really well, besides the two overtime losses they were heart breaking. Other than that we‘ve been doing great I am hoping on making the NEWMAC conference finals.

Scarlet: What were your expectations of the team before you started school?

Pat: I was afraid they were going to be too much like stereotypical “lax bros.” I couldn’t be any more wrong, they are really kind and cool. They are really accepting of all the freshmen which is really great. I was really afraid we were going be hazed, but there was none of that.

Scarlet: When you started to get to know the team and play with them were your expectations met?

Pat: Definitely. I would even say they exceeded them. We have really come to mesh as a team. All the freshmen know the role they fill in order to achieve success.

Scarlet: Which player has been the most impactful or influential on you?

Pat: I can’t really say anyone in particular, everyone is in it for everyone else. We are all in it to win it. If I had to choose, I would say the captains: Pat Burke (‘16), Nick Johnson (‘17), Rob Holden (‘16), and Alex Turgeon (‘16).

Scarlet: Being a first-year I imagine you are well acquainted with your fellow first-year teammates. In your opinion who is the funny guy, the most serious, and the most laid back among them?

Pat: The funny guy is definitely Tyler Sullivan (‘19), he is an absolute goofball 24/7. Stuart [Bleck (‘19)] is super serious, we call him Crazy Stu cause he’s absolutely insane. The most laid back has to be Tyler Sullivan, yet again. He takes the cake.

Scarlet: If you had to eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pat: This is a tough one, but maybe spaghetti carbonara only if my grandma makes it. Everytime she makes it it’s perfect and every time I eat it from somewhere else it’s awful.

Scarlet: Do you have any hidden talents?

Pat: I’d like to think I am a good singer, but I don’t think people will agree with me. Also I’m the best out of the freshman on the team at NHL 16. None of them can beat me.

Scarlet: What’s your favorite song to sing out loud?

Pat: Anything by Destiny’s Child, really.

Scarlet: Do you have a thing for Beyoncé?

Pat: Yeah, you can say that.

Scarlet: If you had to be any animal what animal would it be, and why?

Pat: Ooh! This is a tough one. Maybe a sea turtle because they live for a really long time and they get to travel through the ocean, I can see myself having a bunch of adventures.

Scarlet: What is your favorite position to play in lacrosse?

Pat: Either long stick middie or close defense. I’ve played them both for most of my career.

Scarlet: If you could play another sport what would it be?

Pat: Easily hockey. All my family plays hockey except me and my little brother. I have a special place in my heart for hockey.

Scarlet: Is the training regime what you thought it would be?

Pat: Yes, kind of it’s a little bit more of a commitment than I thought it was, but it’s not a problem for me.

Scarlet: Do you have any pregame rituals?

Pat: Before each Saturday home game, my roommate Eli [Zempsky (‘19)] and I go to Chipotle the night before. It seems to be working.

Scarlet: If you had to choose between Chipotle and Moe’s what would you choose?

Pat: 100% Chipotle, I think they have better ingredients. I’d like to look past the E. coli incident since I never got sick from them. I can respect going to Moe’s, though, since it’s cheaper.

Pat: Do you prefer Chipotle or Moe’s?

Scarlet: Easily Chipotle. Not a doubt in my mind.

Thanks for the interview, Pat!