CUSC in Brief: April 26, 2016

CUSC in Brief: April 26, 2016

This week’s meeting was the final meeting of the academic year and the second meeting of the 106th session, which will continue into next academic year. Since the Council did not have quorum and there were not any voting matters, the Council had an unofficial meeting that was neither called to order nor adjourned.

Student Life Chair Anny Ul-Ain (‘18) announced that summer buses would be running at 5 p.m. to New York City and 6 p.m. to Boston on May 10, and at 9 a.m. to New York City and 10 a.m. to Boston on May 11. Ul-Ain also announced that the Student Life Committee will begin office allocations tomorrow. Treasurer Andres Gvirtz (’18) asked for Council members to join the Ad Hoc Committee on Financial Reform. Julianne Murphy (‘17), President Corey Bisbee (‘19), and Vice President Josh Merchat (’19) all volunteered.

Bisbee laid out his hopes for CUSC in the coming year. He intends to have greater communication with the administration, the student body, student organizations, and on-campus media institutions. He also intends to build a stronger relationship with the Worcester Student Government Association, for which former Grants Chair Emilee Cocuzzo (‘18) recently won the presidency. Gvirtz announced that he wants to reestablish financial definitions of terms like “grants” and “cumulative surplus request,” so that the public can have a better understanding of their purposes.


Since the Student Leadership and Programming deadline for spending was on Monday, there were no grants this week.