Cougar of the Week: Julian Feshbach-Meriney


Photo by Celine Manneville

Steven Castiglione , Scarlet Staff

Julian Feshbach-Meriney (‘19) of Concord, Mass. was thrust into the starting center back role this season, but has helped Clark Men’s Soccer stay undefeated thus far. “It’s his first time there, but he’s doing great,” said co-captain defender Mike Spanos (‘17) on his teammate’s emergence. Feshbach-Meriney sat down with The Scarlet to talk about Clark’s overtime win against WPI, Pixar movies, and socks.

Scarlet: What was it like on the field during the WPI game?

Julian: There was definitely a lot of intensity. Both teams knew the importance of the first conference game of the season. Everyone was communicating with each other positively, and going into the game we had a lot of confidence.We maintained that confidence even when playing with a man down.

Scarlet: What’s different about this year from last year on the field?

Julian: I think from the beginning we had a lot more confidence than last season, and it showed throughout preseason and our season so far. The first-years have definitely filled some gaps the team was missing last year.

Scarlet: As a defender, what is the most crucial aspect in the way you play on the field?

Julian: It’s definitely communicating with the other defensemen around you and knowing you are all there to work for one another. We like to connect it to our midfielders, our coach likes to say if we clear it we’ll live to fight another day.

Scarlet: What has been your favorite moment of the season so far and why?

Julian: I would say it was that one against WPI the other day. The hype leading up to the game was the most I’ve felt playing college soccer. Looking around the locker room I didn’t see a single teammate who wasn’t ready to go and win that game. The feeling after the game was also one of the best feelings of my soccer career; seeing all the seniors joy having finally beaten WPI, it was amazing.

Scarlet: Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

Julian: Watching movies and buying fun socks.

Scarlet: If you could change one thing about Clark what would it be?

Julian: We need to have more bagel brunches, and more cream cheese because they always run out.

Scarlet: You’re stranded on an island and you can take one person with you from the team. Who do you bring?

Julian: This is serious. Let me think…probably Jeremy Park (‘19).

Scarlet: Why?

Julian: Never ceases to amuse me, and he has a great spirit and I think that spirit would get us off that island.

Scarlet: If you could play any other sport, what would you play?

Julian: Easiest question ever. Volleyball. I played it for a year in high school and I play in the summer. I love to watch it on TV, especially the Olympics. It is a really underrated sport.

Scarlet: When you’re not playing soccer or studying, what do you like to do?

Julian: I really like to hang out with my friends whether it’s in my suite, or on the campus green, or in the caf. I am a big fan of down time and I like to make the most of it.

Scarlet: What is your favorite Disney movie?

Julian: Up, because I like the depth of all the characters and I like talking animals and grumpy old men. It’s really an inspiring tale. I would also like to say that the Pixar short films are very underrated and I think everyone needs to see them.

Scarlet: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Julian: I think it would have to be teleporting to places. It’s a life dream of mine to travel the world and that would make it a lot easier.

Scarlet: During your first year on the team, who was a major influence on you?

Julian: Wow, I’d probably have to say Mike Spanos (‘17). He has a great attitude every day, and he loves to get everyone riled up and ready for competition. He plays a huge role in the positive environment we have on the team this year. He also plays the same position as me and it’s been fun getting to play with him.

Scarlet: Do you have any pregame rituals?

Julian: I wouldn’t say rituals, but i have a nice playlist of songs I like to go through before we start the game.

Scarlet: Can you list a couple of those songs?

Julian: 4Life by DJ Snake, What’s The Difference by Dr. Dre (it’s not much of a pump up song I just like it), and Str8 Ballin by ScHoolboy Q.

Scarlet: How represented do you feel your team is on campus?

Julian: I feel it is equally represented to a lot of other sports. I feel though we need more awareness of athletic events. I think adding music at break periods and hosting more games and little events together would be great as well.

Scarlet: What are you most looking forward to this season?

Julian: I am most looking forward to the next game, because you can’t look too far ahead. That is what I’ve been doing so far this season and it has been helping us so far. I think staying with a single game focus can take the team a long way this year.

Thanks for the interview, Julian!