CUSC in Brief: Oct. 4, 2016

CUSC in Brief: Oct. 4, 2016

Lori Shanley, Contributing Writer

Before quorum was reached, a few announcements were made regarding non-voting matters. Will Heikes (‘17) will not be serving as Finance Committee chair anymore and Joya Hall-Sullivan (‘19) will also be stepping down from her position on the Elections Committee.

At 8:17 p.m. the meeting officially began; roll call was taken, and last weeks minutes were approved. During a review of grants requested by students to attend PhysCon, the Quadrennial Physics Congress, Hall-Sullivan asked the rest of CUSC how the three students who were requesting the grants had been selected to attend. Considering that CUSC was about to award these students a significant amount of money, Hall-Sullivan suggested that in the future there should be more of a process in determining who goes to such a conference. She also suggested that a caveat be attached to these types of grants to conferences that requires students receiving said grants to make a presentation at Clark explaining what they got out of the experience. CUSC discussed these issues and it was noted that the students had applied for and been declined from many scholarships to go to the conference before coming to CUSC with their request. Zohaib Bilal (‘19) vouched for the academic integrity of the three students and their grant request was passed.

Uyanga Mungunchimeg’s (‘18) grant request for compensation for her Uber rides to and from Worcester State University where she will be training for Jumpstart, a program that helps underprivileged first graders who are behind in their reading and writing skills, was tabled for the next week when they can obtain more information on the matter.

Bilal brought up issues pertaining to International Student Orientation (ISO). According to fellow international students that he has spoken to, ISO not only helps create an unintentional divide between international and American students, but also ends up being repetitive for many international students, as they also have to participate in the general first-year orientation. Many CUSC members weighed in on this issue. Most members vouched for ISO saying that it is helpful for many students, however some agreed that there are issues within it. Kate Jensen (‘19) brought up the issue that some “International American” students do not fully identify as either international students or American students and are left somewhere in the middle as a result. The topic will be returned to at a later date.

CUSC President, Cory Bisbee (‘19), reported that the fall representative elections had gone smoothly. It was brought to the attention of the council that one of the first-year winners had purchased a snapchat filter for his campaign and the matter is going to be investigated to ensure that everything occurred fairly.

A motion was passed to appoint Robert McLaughlin (‘19) to the open spot on the Judiciary Committee. Lauren Howard (‘17) made a public statement to CUSC that she had noticed that a lot of positions for chairs in committees are handed out behind closed doors, often to friends of individuals in higher places within CUSC. Howard has been with CUSC for longer than another candidate who is being considered for an open chair position and wants to address the issue of favoritism within the council. She received support from Eric Barrese (‘19) who agrees that CUSC should “spice it up” in the future when they are appointing positions.



  • $2,049 was granted to three students: Ram Sharma, Arnab Banik, Burhan Ahmed, in order for them to attend the 2016 PhysCon (Quadrennial Physics Congress). The conference takes place in Silicon Valley from Nov. 3 through 5. Many talented young physicists and renowned leaders in the field will be there, and having students attend the conference will be an important opportunity for Clark.  The grant money will cover transportation, registration, and room and board.
  • $711 will be allocated to The Freudian Slip in order for them to proceed with this year’s publications. Some money will also be used to upgrade their website.