Daily National Newspapers Removed from the University Center

Clark University Student Council Cuts Pricey Newspapers to Reallocate Funds


Derek Jones

CUSC used to spend $5,000 a year on newspapers.

Derek Jones, Contributing Writer

Clark University Student Council (CUSC) made budget cuts for the new school year, leaving Clarkies without their morning newspaper. 

CUSC dropped the yearly expense in order to free up funds for more student services, such as free transportation to the mall, and the weekend shuttle to Boston.

“The thinking here was that this service wasn’t being taken advantage of by the student body – especially the undergraduate student body – to justify the cost,” said the CUSC President Cory Bisbee (‘19). “For example, some of the copies were being taken by graduate students and faculty who don’t pay into the student activities fund.”

The amenity enabled undergraduate students to enter the University Center and grab a daily newspaper at the newsstand anytime. However, not enough students were utilizing this opportunity on a daily basis to maintain it year-to-year.

“The nineteen copies a day were somewhere around $5,000 a year,” said Bisbee. “And the student activities fee, set now at $350, hasn’t been raised in years.”

Bisbee explained that the number of clubs on campus has “ballooned” over the last few years, calling for more funding for student-run clubs and a very meticulous look at unnecessary costs.  

For those who still need their newspaper fix, the library offers different newspapers on loan within the library only.