Dialogues From Mother Earth

Art to Bring Climate Change Awareness



Erica Daborn has worked at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for 25 years.

Christy Dang, Contributing Writer

Each mural presents a different theme and separated into sections of past, present, and future. Themes of human activities such as overconsumption and pollution were prominent and emphasized the current fragile state of the Earth.

“Dialogues With Mother Earth.” is currently in its sixth year of production.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, artist Erica Daborn presented her interactive mural installation. It is a joint exhibition by the Schiltkamp Gallery and the Higgins School of Humanities. Through the project, Daborn implored the viewers to explore their relationship with their home planet.

Daborn began the presentation with her origins and the story of the project’s inception. Her students, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, have expressed their concerns over global warming and climate change. To further discuss and educate on this topic. Dabor created a course.

“My students asked me what I was doing to address the issue, what I was doing to change it,” Daborn said. This question was the inspiration behind Dialogues From Mother Earth and a “centerpiece to other things”. She hoped her murals could prompt discussions on environmental issues not just through an artistic lens, but also through a scientific one.  Though the topic could be politically charged, Daborn explained her intention was to make people think, not to necessarily change their beliefs.

Daborn then took questions from Clark students on a variety of topics, ranging from gender’s role in environmental issues to further inquiries about her work. The presentation ended with applause and praise.

“I was very fascinated by the expansiveness of her project in terms of history, time, and depth. There was just an array of issues she brought up,” said Khalil Power (‘17). Other Clark students seemed to be equally as moved and impacted by the project.

Daborn’s work will be on display at the Traina Center for the Arts and the Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons until Thursday, Nov 17.