CUSC in Brief: Oct. 20, 2016

Lori Shanley, Scarlet Staff

Before reaching quorum at the eighth general Clark University Student Council meeting of the semester, the council briefly checked in with a few committees. According to student life, the buses for Thanksgiving break are all set. President Cory Bisbee (‘19) announced that instead of just filling committee positions when a space needs to be filled, like it has been done in previous years, student council will start using a more considerate appointment process. He also stated that he is going to try to set up meetings with committee chairs and their committees to make sure no one is having issues.

After roll call a motion was made to appoint new council members. Congratulations to  Michelle Yun (‘18) (advancement), Robert McLaughlin (‘19) (advancement), Shelby Spohn (‘20) (student affairs), Jia Yi Huang (‘18) (academic affairs), Chris Pentek (academic affairs), Anh-Vy Le (‘20) (community affairs and social responsibility), Emma Dinnerstein (‘20) (community affairs and social responsibility). The motion passed and the committee moved on to grant approvals. After all three of the requested grants were approved, the committee moved on to swearing in those who had won elections, but had not been present at the last meeting to be fully initiated.

Elections committee chair, Laura Barker (‘17), updated the council on trustee appointments. She has completed about twenty interviews and has found that there is an issue with people making interview appointments and not showing up. As a result, a new rule will be put into place stating that anyone who fails to show up to their appointment without giving the council sufficient notice will automatically be disqualified from the position.

The council then turned their attention to grants committee chair, Adam Katzman (‘18), as he brought up the issue of there being a huge influx of people in the Academic Commons immediately after the library closes. The council discussed the AC’s overcrowding and it was noted that this issue has been brought to their attention before. In the past, the issue was put to rest because it would be a considerable expense for Clark to pay a full time employee such as a librarian to stay extra hours. Luke Schoppert (‘17), suggested that the second floor of the library could be kept open to provide students with extra space without a librarian there and without being fully functioning. The council will look further into this issue.


  • $500 was awarded to the South Asian Student Association in order for them to hold a Dandiya event. The event will take place at WPI and will be an opportunity to encourage inter-college relationships.
  • $800 will be awarded to a Consortium on High Achievement and Success for Black and Latino Males which is taking place at Providence College from Nov. 18 through Nov. 20.
  • $72 was awarded to Harris Eidelman (‘19)  for a Management 100 class project. The money will cover the uber transportation cost for 4 students volunteering to benefit the Main South, Worcester, and CENTRO communities.