Cougar of the Week: Adrien Horowitz

Steven Castiglione

Adrien Horowitz (‘19 ) just completed her second season on the Women’s Tennis team. She is from

Photo courtesy of Celine Manneville
Photo courtesy of Celine Manneville

Arvada, Colo. and studies biology.

Scarlet: How do you feel your season went?

Horowitz: It went really well, this year we worked on doubles and bonding more than in previous seasons. Because of these drills we really improved in the matches. As a small team we really needed to come together, and I think that made us better on the court. We played through a lot of injuries, and when people were sick, they still came.

Scarlet: Rebecca Kravetz (‘16) returned as a Graduate Assistant Coach, what was it like having a familiar face around during the season?

Horowitz: She cared about the team a lot, she was at our practices all the time. She would get the other teams’ stats and give us strategies on how to overcome them. She was always giving us confidence boosts, and knew just what to say to us. Her family was very close with the team and always supported us. It was great to have Rebecca back on the team again!

Scarlet: Were there any noticeable improvements for you between this season and the last?

Horowitz: Yeah I improved in my singles, my serving, and I was a lot more punctual. I was the first one to practice and I always brought the balls to court. So I improved my serve this year, and I have noticed more power in the swing. My singles matches were much better this year than last. I focused more in practice and that translated into my playing.

Scarlet: Do you have any pre-match rituals?

Horowitz: We always have a team dinner Friday nights! The dinners are really fun the team all gets together and ready for the match. Some of us do yoga together, which is really great because we need to re very agile on the court to keep up pace.

Scarlet: What is your favorite television show?

Horowitz: I really like The Office (US), Bob’s Burgers, and I really recently discovered Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Scarlet: Who is your favorite character on Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Horowitz: My favorite character is between Frank and Charlie. They are hysterical in every episode they’re in!

Scarlet: If you could mash up any two television shows what would they be?

Horowitz: Scooby-Doo and Seinfeld, it would be really spooky mysteries about who put something in front of  George or Jerry’s door.

Scarlet: Being from Colorado, what has been the hardest thing for you to adjust to here on the east coast?

Horowitz: The humidity, it’s actually the worst thing and I am never used to it from Colorado. But if I wanted to be funny I would say the altitude.

Scarlet: What was your favorite class you’ve taken at Clark so far?

Horowitz: Aids: The study of the Pandemic

Scarlet: Why?

Horowitz: It was a really small class, I think there was eight people. The professor was Patrick Derr and every class we learned something crazy or eye opening. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve had him as a teacher! We got to skype with one of the key leaders for Gay Rights Movement and AIDS research.

Thanks for the interview, Adrien!