Cougar of the Week: Evan Jurkowski

Steven Castiglione

Evan Jurkowski (‘20) of Ludlow scored the lone goal versus Emerson with twenty seconds left in the

Photo courtesy of Celine Manneville
Photo courtesy of Celine Manneville

game. This wasn’t the first time he came up big for Clark; Jurkowski also scored the game-winning goal in Clark’s 2-1 overtime win over WPI.

Scarlet: What was going through your mind in the 90th minute of the Emerson game?

Evan: I was tired, I was in a rush, and I was really all over the place, and the ball popped up and I kicked it.

Scarlet: The win against Emerson secured the team a top five slot in the NEWMAC tournament. Did you feel a pressure to win since the NEWMAC tournament was riding on it?

Evan: I guess, but I really didn’t want to think about the future. We always try to stay focused on the here and now. But obviously we always want to win, and I’d say there was a pressure to win for everyone on the team.

Scarlet: Going into the second half, what was the team’s mentality like?

Evan: Everyone was frustrated. Emerson was the bottom of the conference, and we’re having a pretty great year. Everyone thought it should have been a stomp, should have been 5-0, but it was 1-0.

Scarlet: Why do you think the team couldn’t get the points?

Evan: We went into the game overestimating our abilities. We went into the game thinking it was going to be easy, but it wasn’t, so people got frustrated.

Scarlet: Was there any noticable difference on the field from how the Cougars played in the first half to the second half?

Evan: In the second half we took care of the ball a lot better. First half we were kinda all over the place losing the ball a lot in the midfield. Once we settled in we took care of the ball a lot more and we allowed ourselves more opportunities on the net.

Scarlet: Which has been your favorite game this season, and why?

Evan: The Western New England game. I scored and another first-year, Mana [Chavali] (‘20), scored. Also it was kind of close to home.

Scarlet: What has been the hardest part about adjusting from soccer in high school to college?

Evan: The 8 a.m. practices have to be the hardest. It’s just tough to be up that early practicing. In high school we maybe had one 8 a.m. ever, so it was a hard adjustment. Winning a header is also really hard. Everyone is a lot taller than me so I have to jump up and hope it hits my head.

Scarlet: Do you have any hidden talents, or hobbies when you are not playing soccer?

Evan: I play a lot of video games. I’d say my favorite has to be “Fallout 3.” I’ve played it so many times, but there’s just so much to do every time.

Scarlet: If you could play another sport at Clark, what would you decide to play, and why?

Evan: Probably tennis. I played it in high school and it was really fun. It’s a lot different from soccer, but it’s a good different. Volleyball would be fun too, but we don’t have a men’s team here.

Scarlet: If you had to survive a zombie apocalypse with three people from the team, who would you choose?

Evan: Allistair “Ster” Richardson (17’) , Mike Spanos (17’), and Pirro Tomco (19’). I would pick Ster because he is very smart and rational, he would make sure we’d survive. Mike always has jellies [jelly beans] or some kind of candy on him. I feel like he would be able to sniff out where all the snacks and food are. I’d have to pick Pirro because he’s a strategist, always thinking. I think having someone who is always thinking ahead is beneficial to our continued survival. If I could bring another I would have to go with Jeremy Park (‘19). That kid is too funny not to have in a zombie apocalypse.

Thanks for the interview, Evan!