CUSC in Brief Nov. 17, 2016

Lori Shanley, Scarlet Staff

Jitske Grift (‘18) opened the Student Council meeting Thursday, Nov. 17 by addressing the lack of communication and cooperation between Clark and it’s International students, specifically concerning international banks. Many International Students are penalized for delays transferring money, which ultimately may be out of their controls. If money is late, even if it is not the fault of the student, Clark will put a hold on the student’s account that affects the student’s ability to register for classes, amongst other things. A number of  council members agreed that often various departments of the university have demonstrated unwillingness to work with students for various reasons. Council agreed that different student experiences regarding these types of issues should be recorded, collected, and addressed.

After grants were heard and approved, Council turned its attention to the renovation of Dodd Hall. An initiative is underway to renovate the residence hall, as it has considerably fewer community spaces than any other dorm and also has an unnecessary number of kitchens. Joya Hall (‘19) spoke passionately about the matter, noting that Dodd should have a more comfortable and welcoming environment, seeing as it is the only place for some students who identify as female to feel safe on campus. Many council members agreed, including Zohaib Bilal (‘19) who said, “Dodd is dying and it needs help.”


  • $1,150 was granted to the Student Alumni Relations Committee for ten people to attend the CASE ASAP D1 Conference at WPI. The conference is aimed at guiding students to become better leaders and create better events as a group on campus.
  • $300 was granted to the Clark University Ballroom Dance Team for their upcoming event, “Dancing with the Athletes.”
  • $88 was granted to Liberty in North Korea, a new group on campus that needs help expanding. The money will be used towards a fundraiser scheduled during finals week
  • $368 was granted to the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science to visit the Museum of Science in Boston. Money will be used for tickets and transportation to the Museum.

$40 was granted to Jana Kelnhofer (‘18) to cover an increase in price of the Light Boxes that are going to be installed in the Goddard Library.