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So this has been an incredible semester at The Scarlet. Being editor-in-chief to this group of people has been great, and I can’t wait to get back at it for one last time next semester. If you couldn’t tell, this “Scarlet Letter” is going to be very cheesy and reflective, so if “thank you’s” and “goodbyes” aren’t your thing, then the rest of this issue offers a number of other articles that you can enjoy.

First, a big thank you to everyone that contributed to The Scarlet this semester. This includes everyone who wrote, edited, took photos, came to a meeting, or is on our email list (if you would like to join our email list, send an email to [email protected]). Every one of you helped make this semester a rousing success, and having your support made my job possible. Your dedication is what makes this newspaper thrive. A special shoutout to Daniel Juarez (‘18), for continuing to be an amazing fact checker and stepping up to be a phenomenal managing editor this semester. Daniel is the hardest working person I have ever worked with, and has been instrumental in corresponding with advertisers, providing food for a few meetings, and even writing an incredible piece during our 2016 Election Issue.

Secondly, a big thank you to you, our readers. We might not have the biggest readership in the world, but we do have the best . I constantly get compliments from people after they have perused our paper, so thank you to all of you who spend the time glancing over the product of our labor.

Next semester will be a new beginning for The Scarlet, and sadly every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. We will be letting go of three of our own: Aaron Trachtman (‘17) is graduating, while Erin McKeon (‘18) and Kate Summers (‘18) are studying abroad.

Aaron was only on The Scarlet for one semester, but he brought an enthusiasm for writing and a love for gymnastics bloopers to almost every meeting. It’s been a pleasure having Aaron on our staff for the semester, and I can assure you he will be watching gymnasts faceplant into the near future.

I have had the pleasure of working with Erin and Kate for the past five semesters. They were a part of our stellar freshman class two years ago, and have accounted for countless memories. Erin has showed me the magic of yoga (particularly the cobra) and was a great wife. She would stay awake for hours on end when we used to meet until 4 a.m., and do so much of behind-the-scenes work at the newspaper. I am not looking forward to functioning without her as she enjoys Ireland, and would love it if she would take me back as a husband.

Kate has been incredible from the day she showed up for The Scarlet. She quickly stood out as a freshman for her love of news and desire to report, especially with her impeccable coverage of the Black Lives Matter Protest. Kate is an incredible executive editor and has put up with more of my stupid ideas than anyone should. Last year she was not sure if she was going to go abroad or not, and while I am thrilled that she will have a great experience in Namibia, I would be lying if I said a slight part of me was not rooting for her to stay in the USA to help me with the newspaper. She will be an incredible editor-in-chief next year, even if she will still be below Squidward on the hierarchy.

I cannot thank everyone involved with the newspaper enough for making it a magical semester. Enjoy your winter break, and let’s come back next semester ready to cause some hell.

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