CUSC in Brief Dec. 1, 2016

CUSC in Brief Dec. 1, 2016

Lori Shanley, Scarlet Staff

The Dec.1 Student Council meeting was called to order promptly at 6:07. As the different committees were asked if they had anything to share, the Finance Committee noted that their chairperson had missed the past several meetings. It was confirmed that he had missed more than four meetings and as a result would potentially be put up for impeachment.

Student Life updated the council with ideas to improve the bus system. Chairperson Eric Barrese (‘19) noted that they are considering switching break buses from school buses to coach buses, as they are more spacious and have heat. As this would most likely cause a cost increase for passengers, they plan to poll the student body before making any decisions.

The next item discussed was the question of whether or not Escort has a broad enough range. It was hypothesized that Clark students would venture out into Worcester more often if Escort’s radius was larger. This was countered with the statement that Escort already has a high volume of calls and increasing the radius would tremendously increase wait time .An additional point was made that since Escort is primarily a safety service, that should be its main function.

Jeremy Doss (‘17), a representative from the initiative to reclaim Dana Commons, spoke during the later half of the meeting about requesting money to furnish the space they already have. It was decided that the request would be voted on at the following meeting.



  • $100 granted to Charis Smuthkochorn (‘17) for fees and transportation to Serendipia Limitless, an innovation camp.
  • $105 granted to Andres Gvirtz (‘18) for a premium license for his research with the psychology department. He has been working as an unpaid research assistant for two years and the money will go entirely to the license.