Cougar of the Week: Kacey Legare


Photo Courtesy of Celine Manneville

Steven Castiglione, Scarlet Staff

Kacey Legare (‘19) is a psychology major and two-sport athlete from Chicopee, Mass. She plays volleyball and basketball for Clark, and has stepped up at small forward due to starting small forward, Dominique St. Pierre’s (‘18) recent concussion. “She’s a strong defender, and plays really hard,” said Clark Women’s Basketball Head Coach Pat Glispin. “I think she’s been terrific competitively.”


Scarlet: How is the basketball season going?

Kacey: Basketball is going really well. We’ve struggled the past few seasons, but we’ve pulled it together. We’re playing better and are definitely thinking about playoffs.


Scarlet: The team had significant wins against Smith and Wellesley. Can you share what it was like to win those important games?

Kacey: It feels good finally being able to win and compete well against some of these teams where last year we struggled playing a full forty minutes. This year we are more focused on making sure we are doing what we’re supposed to when we’re supposed to. We are a really huge and deep team.


Scarlet: Was it a hard adjustment from volleyball to basketball when the seasons overlapped?

Kacey: I’m not going to lie, it was really hard. I sort of knew what was coming because my sister was a multi-sport athlete, so I knew what to expect. It was very time-consuming and very difficult with both teams wanting me to be there at practices. There were a couple days where I was spending six hours in the gym from volleyball to basketball. It was hard and I told myself to be prepared, and it ended up being very cool because I was playing two sports at once.


Scarlet: What has been the most difficult game for the women’s basketball team so far?

Kacey: I’d say one of the hardest games we’ve played this season was Babson. That was definitely a game where we need to watch how we played, hopefully before we play them again. They are always just at the top of our conference, always good competitors, and they are a very solid program. That’s who I personally look out for, but WPI is another team that we have to keep an eye on especially since they won NEWMACs last year – to everyone’s surprise.


Scarlet: If you could play another sport at Clark, what would it be?

Kacey: I would probably try rowing because that is something I have never done and it seems very interesting. But if Clark got a track and field team I definitely would want to join that because it seems really fun to me. I’d like to try something more individual based since I’m on teams and I’ve never done that.


Scarlet: If you could switch your major to something else what would you want to pursue?

Kacey: Well I’m a psychology major, and a women’s and gender studies and education minor, so I guess if I had to look into something else than I would definitely look into something like political science or sociology. I am really interested in the social sciences.


Scarlet: What aspect of basketball do you find most rewarding?

Kacey: Basketball is one of those sports that has a quick turnaround time, which I think is amazing and a great part of the sport. It’s like if you make a mistake, you have the chance to make a turnaround and actually improve. You miss a shot, and you can get back on defense. There is always an opportunity to correct and improve the way you are playing.


Scarlet: What aspect of volleyball do you find most rewarding?

Kacey: The most rewarding aspect of volleyball is kind of how you have to rely on your whole team. In basketball, if you have a star player, they can usually take over in some way or another, but you still need a whole team – they just have a strong influence over it. In volleyball if you have one player who can’t serve or receive they’ll be targeted by the other team. Volleyball is different because unlike basketball, once the ball drops it’s over and you start again.


Scarlet:  Is there anyone on the team who you view as a role model?

Kacey: That’s a tough question because leadership is one of the things our coach emphasizes. There are multiple people I would say are kinda role models to me in their own ways. Sami Dokus (‘16) is like a mom of the team. She is very in touch with our emotions. Haley Wilder (‘18) is one of my suitemates. She’s more of a supportive person on the court; she’ll tell me when I’m messing up or when I need to be doing something.


Scarlet: If you could be stranded in the desert with two people from your team, who would you bring and why?

Kacey: I would probably choose Haley Wilder (‘18) and Arielle Pierre (‘19). I live with them now, and they are super fun to be around and they’re two people I trust. I think between the three of us, we’d be resourceful enough to make it out of there.


Thanks for the interview, Kacey!