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So there’s a lot going on in the world that I could talk about. What’s going on around us is horrifying, things that I never imagined would happen in my lifetime. That being said, there are a number of articles you can find online that analyze and opine on these events much better than I can, and I don’t believe that adding a less informed voice will help much. So I’m not going to focus on the important events of today in this space. Rather than attempt to take on Donald Trump and Uncle Sam, I’m going to look closer to home: Uncle Sam’s Pizza.

Uncle Sam’s has been getting away with mediocre food and poor customer service for too long. Their pizza is subpar at best, their sandwiches are fine, but not a single person in that store has any common decency. They are mean to most of the people who enter the door, not to mention the typical poor delivery service.

This stuck out to me the most one fateful Sunday near the end of last semester. I woke up at  12:30 as usual, and decided I’d like an Uncle Sam’s rib sandwich while watching my hometown Philadelphia Eagles play football. I called their “restaurant,” they said the sandwich would be there in 45 minutes, and I was more than eager to eat it when it arrived. However, an hour and fifteen minutes later, no food had arrived at my door. I called them asking for an update, and they told me they had to turn the fryer on, so it would be another 45 minutes. This seemed odd to me, but I had to accept the additional delay.

Unfortunately, this tale gets worse. Another hour and fifteen minutes after the second call, my sandwich was still not on my doorstep, and I was getting hungrier by the minute. I called the establishment again to find out what the problem was, but kept getting hung up on. About five calls later a gentleman finally picked up. When I asked him what the deal was, he pretended that it was a new order and that he had no idea of the prior order and promptly hung up. Now I was just plain angry, and another five calls later told them to cancel the order, cursed them out, and informed them I would never give them my business again.

How is this a thing? I know I cannot be the only person on this campus to be treated like this, and I’m tired of it. Poor customer service is never acceptable, and is only tolerable if the food is good enough to warrant it (see the “Soup Nazi”). Uncle Sam’s food is only good at about 2 a.m. on Saturday, just by being open and edible. But I for one have had enough of their shenanigans. I will never eat or set foot in Uncle Sam’s for the rest of my life. I will enjoy the pizza and customer service at Worcester Pizza Factory, and if they are not open, I will even eat the cheesy, saucy mixture Dominoes insists is pizza. I encourage you all to join me, and maybe Uncle Sam’s will learn they have to start caring about the customer to remain in business.  

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