Cougar of the Week: Evan Hanson

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Cougar of the Week: Evan Hanson

Celine Manneville

Celine Manneville

Celine Manneville

Ethan Giles, Editor-in-Chief

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Evan Hanson (‘17) is a psychology major and is in his third year managing the Men’s Basketball team. He sat down with The Scarlet to discuss the team, Coach Phillips, and Broadway.


Scarlet: How did you become the manager?

Evan: I [ended up] living with Joe Atkinson (‘17) and David Mercier (‘17) sophomore year. They asked me if I wanted to be manager and I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ It’s a paid job and I got free stuff too.


Scarlet: Why did you stick with it?

Evan: Well I do get paid, that’s one of the biggest parts. Also, I get all the gear. It’s a pretty good gig. And I feel like if I ever quit, Coach Phillips would murder me, so I’m kind of stuck here.


Scarlet: What are your responsibilities as manager?

Evan: During practice, I usually run the clock. I keep score during practice games and scrimmages. I just get everything set up for practice. During games I do the same thing. I set up the bench in a certain way or else Coach Phillips will get mad. I’ll get water for them too, so basically I’m just a fancy water boy.


Scarlet: How are the chairs set up on game day?

Evan: Since Coach Oroszko passed away we have one seat for him, and then we have four other seats, and then we take two seats out of the middle. One seat goes at the end and the other seat is mine, so I sit between the coaches and the players.


Scarlet: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Evan: Getting to work on my jump shot. I’ve never played basketball my entire life, I played in fifth grade once. So coming in I had the worst shot ever, and now I have a pretty decent shot. I just work on it every day.


Scarlet: What is your least favorite part?

Evan: Getting yelled at for things I should not be yelled at for by Coach Phillips.


Scarlet: Do you have an example?

Evan: An example? Oh there’s so many I can’t even think of one. It’s more just nitpicky things, like say there is one towel on the ground that is not in place, he will just be like, ‘what are you doing? Pick the towel up!’ Or like he will assume that I know everything about basketball, and will be like ‘why did you do this or that?’ and I’ll just be like, ‘Coach I’ve never played before in my life, I’m clueless over here.’ He assumes I know everything, just like everything there is in his mind. I am not in his mind, so I have to remind him about that.


Scarlet: Who on the team has the sweatiest socks?

Evan: Probably gotta be David since he has the worst smelling feet.


Scarlet: Who has the best music taste on the team?

Evan: I don’t know, that’s a hard one. Everyone likes so many different styles of music. Matt Woods (‘17) likes the classic music, Josh St. Fort (‘17) likes the DJ and hip-hop music, Coach Phillips loves the Motown, and Coach Manguso loves Bruce Springsteen. Coach Phillips also loves the Beach Boys. I can’t really point out one person, it’s just a mix of everybody.


Scarlet: Who is the funniest person on team?

Evan: I’m gonna say myself. Coach says I’m the glue to everything.


Scarlet: Who is the best looking on team?

Evan: [Laughs] Do we even have one? Definitely not Coach Phillips, he’s out of the category. I’ll go Matt Woods, definitely Matt Woods.  


Scarlet: What is your best Coach Phillips moment?

Evan: Damn. I’ve had so many. This is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. So at the recent game against Wheaton, I was behind the bench in my spot, and there was a water bottle between me and Coach Phillips. We lost the game, which we shouldn’t have. He turns around, boots the water bottle as hard as he can, and it explodes all over me and my suit. I was livid.


Scarlet: Did he apologize?

Evan: Yeah, later that night he texted me, ‘I’m sorry I got you wet.’ I didn’t respond.


Scarlet: Do you have one phrase to describe Coach Phillips during games?

Evan: Oh my goodness. One? I can think of like fifty-thousand. I just need one good one to sum up his whole entire game. I should have done research before I came. Let’s go with ‘a ball of rage.’


Scarlet: Would you recommend being manager to anyone else once you are gone?

Evan: No. Don’t do it. No way.


Scarlet: I’m not sure if you are aware, but there is a broadway play titled “Dear Evan Hansen.” Have you seen it?

Evan: [Laughs] No.


Scarlet: Do you get any royalties from it?

Evan: No, it’s actually spelled incorrectly. But I’ve gotten so many Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook notifications being like, ‘Hey is this a play about you?’ And I’m like ‘No.’ This started last year and has gone up until now.


Scarlet: Are you tired of the joke by now?

Evan: Uh, no. Not really. Yeah, kind of.

Thanks for the interview, Evan!