New Title IX Coordinator Comes to Clark

Jessica Macey, Executive Editor

Clark alumna Lynn Levey was brought on board as the new Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Dean for Wellness in the beginning of February.

Levey graduated from Clark with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She continued her education at Syracuse University College of Law, where she received her J.D., and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, where she received her MA in geography.

Levey worked in the area of criminal justice reform efforts, focusing on issues relating to mental health, drug use, and domestic violence.

“Since I was a student at Clark I’ve been interested in violence against women and violence prevention,” said Levey, explaining her decision to focus on this particular area of criminal justice and law.

For the past ten years, Levey taught at Syracuse University College of Law.

At Clark, being both Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Dean of Wellness has given her a variety of responsibilities.

The Title IX Coordinator is “charged with responding to and investigating allegations of gender discrimination,” Levey explained. It is “designed to be reactive.”

However, through her “dual position” as Assistant Dean for Wellness, Levey is charged with a variety of campus programming and educational initiatives on the topics of wellness, violence prevention, sexual assault prevention, substance abuse, etc.

In the first few weeks in her new position, Levey has made efforts to connect with the campus.

“I’ve been meeting with a lot of different people on campus, including students, student leaders, and faculty to get a sense of what’s happening on campus,” she said, explaining that she is “trying to see what’s being done, what our strengths are, and where the gaps are.”

Thus far, the community has been “very receptive, enthusiastic, and open,” said Levey. “There seems to be a good spirit of engagement.”

“It’s a learning opportunity for me to try to identify what has been happening, to identify what the campus has prioritized,” she said.

“I think there are a lot of different vehicles [for this information] and I am open to creating different delivery mechanisms,” said Levey, explaining that she is interested in finding different programs and initiatives to engage and educate the community.

“Violence prevention can’t be left to a couple of people on campus; it has to be implemented more widely,” she said. “I think the strength of our campus will come through a collective response.”