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One Student Knows How to Use Smart Buy Plus

Celine Manneville, AC Gal

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In a surprising turn of events, one student has come forward, claiming they fully understand how to use Smart Buy Plus (SBP). Kelly Harrison (‘20) revealed the news on Monday in a post to the Clark University Class of 2020 Facebook page.

“I posted it to that page because I knew it wouldn’t really apply to most, if any, of the first-years in the group,” Harrison said in an interview. “I knew it wouldn’t matter to anyone, but I wanted people to know. I wanted to brag a little bit.”

Her celebration quickly turned into a nightmare, as she was unaware that members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes are included in the page.

“My inbox immediately filled with messages from desperate students trying to figure out how to fill out purchase orders correctly. They were coming in so fast that my laptop crashed,” Harrison commented. When she was finally able get her computer back up and running, she deleted the Facebook post, publishing a correction in its place saying that she meant to ask if anyone knew how to use SBP. She credited fatigue for the mistake and apologized. At press time, the new post had no “likes” or comments.

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One Student Knows How to Use Smart Buy Plus