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AC Gals Quiet, Student Grades Soar

Celine Manneville, AC Gal

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On any normal day, students in the Academic Commons (AC) would be lucky to get twenty minutes of “indoor voices” from the AC Gals. Composed of Nora Turok (‘17), Audrey Dolan (‘17), Arlynn Baer (‘17), and The Other One (‘17), the four girls have nicknamed themselves “the AC Gals,” because they never seem to leave the AC. Usually their constant yelling, singing, attempts at dancing, cackling, and complaining annoy everyone in the AC trying to get anything done. Every day, the AC Gals take turns napping, each taking twenty minute shifts. However, this past Sunday, AC goers were surprised when collective exhaustion hit all members of the AC gals, causing them all to fall asleep at the same time.

“Usually they take twenty minute naps, but they’ve been out for an hour so far,” said Harold Goldman (‘18) over text, as he didn’t want to accidentally wake the Gals by talking. Other students took notice as well.

“The AC was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before,” said Susan Zimmerman (‘19). “I was working on a group project and once we noticed, we used the chat feature in Google Drive to communicate. We did not want to be the people that woke them.”

Almost two and a half hours later, the AC Gals woke up and the AC returned to normal. However, the long-term effects have been noticeable.

“The assignments that were turned in that night were amazing!” said Professor Sullivan of the psychology department. “They were well-written and even edited. I was genuinely surprised, as the assignments I receive last minute are usually terrible.”

When asked for comment, the AC Gals said that they don’t know what happened, but they feel more rested than they have in a long time. Clark students are hoping that this becomes a more regular thing, and have begun playing relaxing music at a frequency only the AC Gals seem to be able to hear.


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AC Gals Quiet, Student Grades Soar