CUSC in Brief April 6, 2017

Jessica Macey, Executive Editor

This week’s CUSC meeting began with the Council attempting to find an adequate room in which to meet due to problems booking a space. Their usual room was occupied by a club event. After another room was found and determined to be unbooked by any other group, the Council rushed to set up tables and chairs for the council members and eleven members of the public in attendance. With quorum met from the beginning this week, the meeting began only ten minutes late, at 6:10 p.m., despite the setup setback.

The meeting began with a discussion of grants before moving on to committee updates. The Student Life Committee announced that they are working on the club office space request process and emails will go out to club e-boards soon. The Judiciary Committee then inducted a new member, David Sullivan (‘20).

Following updates, Emily Cocuzzo (‘18) spoke to CUSC about the Worcester Student Government Association (WSGA), of which she is president. The WSGA meets in the city council chamber once a month to discuss issues facing the colleges of Worcester as well as to connect the colleges with each other and the community.  There are two delegates from each college. Lars Dahl (‘20) is going to be one of Clark’s delegates, and the search is on for another.

Tim St. John then noted the success of Spree Day and Gala, both of which occurred in the previous week. He also discussed the timing of Spree Day, explaining that it had to be held the first week of April. He explained that second week is the week of Easter and Passover, the third week is public school April vacation and therefore a very busy week for admissions, and the week after that is the last week of classes, leaving this week as the best option. St. John also emphasized the hard work and dedication of the Spree Day co-chairs and all involved clubs and organizations.




The first grant was a continuation of last week’s CASA grant. Another $558 ($186*3 students) was allocated to CASA for the Yale conference discussed last week.


A team of five from a course (EDUC 264) requested $4,800 to attend an education conference they were invited to present at in San Antonio, Texas. Group restrictions in the CUSC bylaws only allow $1,500 to be allocated, so this amount was recommended.


Andrew Nickerson (‘19) requested $200 to fund a research project on the peer response to sexual violence. The project has been approved by the IRB and will be supervised by Professor Kathleen Palm Reed. The money is intended for compensation ($25 gift cards) for participants and an audio recorder.


The Clark Unitarian Universalist Fellowship requested $336 for seven students to attend the Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Day in Boston.


Liberty in North Korea requested $192 to purchase ramen which will be sold as a fundraiser.


All grants passed.