Clarkie of the Week: Aaron Rosenberg

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Clarkie of the Week: Aaron Rosenberg

Rosenberg is a freelance photographer from Lynn, Mass.

Rosenberg is a freelance photographer from Lynn, Mass.

Amanda Quiñones

Rosenberg is a freelance photographer from Lynn, Mass.

Amanda Quiñones

Amanda Quiñones

Rosenberg is a freelance photographer from Lynn, Mass.

Ethan Giles, Editor-in-Chief

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Aaron Rosenberg (‘17) is a Cultural Studies and Communications (CSAC) major and is in the fifth-year MBA program. He sat down with The Scarlet to talk about his upbringing, photography, and fashion sense.

Scarlet: Where did you grow up?

Aaron: I was born in Lynn, Mass. and then later moved to Marblehead. Once I moved out of the house for college, my parents moved to Swampscott. I went to high school in Marblehead, and then went to a private Jewish school for elementary and middle school.

Scarlet: As a senior, do you have one or two takeaways from the past few years at Clark?

Aaron: That’s really deep for a Wednesday afternoon [laughs]. I honestly think that not knowing what I wanted to do pushed me to try new things. Because I was able to do so many things and branch out and do things I wouldn’t normally do, I found a love for photography, which I wasn’t necessarily into before college. I think it ultimately pushed me into doing fifth-year and getting me onto the career path that I wanted.

Scarlet: So you got into photography in college? Did you do it at all before then?

Aaron: I took a photography class in high school, but it was really about how to develop film. I learned most of what I know about photography from the teachers at Clark like Stephen DiRado and Frank Armstrong. I honestly just took [photography] because I really didn’t know what I wanted to major in and wanted to take as many classes as I could. Taking classes with Stephen and Frank really pushed me to think differently about the world.

Scarlet: I know you are a freelance photographer, how did that come about?

Aaron: I’m slowing down on it now, but when I was abroad I directed this shoot for this company “Blankworld UK,” which is a men’s fashion company that contacted me to shoot and direct a lookbook for them. That was really the first time that anyone said to me, “we want your talent to do this,” which is kind of weird since I figured that I was a student and I was doing photography for fun, and that’s when I realized I could start making some money on the side. I’ve done other brands in Boston and shot a lot of little, mini photo series. I don’t really like the freelance aspect; it’s nice to get paid, but I like doing it for myself rather than other people.

Scarlet: What about photography do you enjoy?

Aaron: I just think it’s interesting how each photograph has a backstory. I’ve started to move slower once I learned about composition and when I learned to shoot correctly. I started to take notice of more detail around me that I wasn’t [seeing] before.

Scarlet: Noticing those details in your everyday life or just when you have your camera?

Aaron: I always have my phone, and my phone is honestly just as good. I take pictures of random stuff that inspires me, which can be anything.

Scarlet: Going back to Cark, is there anything at Clark that people don’t think about as much as they should?

Aaron: You should get to know the people who work at Clark, like at Jazzman’s and the Bistro. What I’ve found is that you get a lot more out of your experience here if you appreciate the people who do things for you. It just makes my day better.

Scarlet: I’ve been told to ask you about your fashion. How much time do you typically spend trying to put together an outfit for a given day?

Aaron: I used to think about it more, but now I just think about what I’m most comfortable in. I think comfort dictates what I wear every single day, and usually it looks fine.

Scarlet: So you’re not planning out outfits anymore?

Aaron: [Laughs] No, not really. Maybe for a special occasion. Right now I just think about comfort and I think I already have the pieces in my wardrobe that I like and think I look good in, so I like to just combine those two.

Scarlet: I know your dad has a job at the Boston Globe, what exactly does he do for them?

Aaron: He is a staff journalist and a columnist, and he’s written for the North and Metro section for the last fifteen years. Mostly just the North section, which is reporting on the North Shore of Massachusetts. He just released this book that is a culmination of a lot of the pieces he wrote for the Globe. It’s on Amazon, it’s called, “Middle Class Hereos.”

Scarlet: Have you ever thought about getting into journalism?

Aaron: [Laughs], oh hell no.

Thanks for the interview, Aaron!